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Tech | 06/19/2023

Update Withdrawal Keys for Ethereum Validator with the new BTEC Nano X App

A new Nano X Embedded App allows users to update their validators credentials to 0x01 to be eligible for withdrawals on Ethereum.

New: BLS To Execution Change (BTEC) with Ledger Nano X

It is now possible for Ledger Nano X users to easily migrate their withdrawal credentials with the new BTEC Embedded App.

Go check the instructions on staking-deposit-cli if you want to learn how to use the app.

Thank you to all the Embedded Software team at Ledger and especially Alexandre Paillier for delivering this long awaited feature.

Previously on “Ledger and Ethereum move to PoS”
  • In February, Ledger added full BLS support to the Ledger Nano X firmware, making it technically possible to support credentials migration
  • After the Shanghai Upgrade, only validators with updated credentials to 0x01 would be eligible for withdrawals
  • In June the BTEC for Ledger Nano X is released
  • New withdrawal credentials (0x01) were introduced, allowing validators to withdraw on the Execution Layer once withdrawals would be possible
  • The Beacon Chain was launched. It was created to ensure the proof-of-stake consensus logic was sustainable before The Merge.
  • The Ledger Nano X firmware was upgraded to allow users to generate 0x00 withdrawal credentials for validators. The same feature was added for Ledger Nano S a couple of months later.

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