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Blog posts, Product | 06/30/2022

What Are The Best Portfolio Trackers?

When you trade and invest in different crypto assets across multiple exchanges, relying on third-party services, and using separate wallets to store coins, it can be challenging to keep an overview of your portfolio and stay up to date with the ever-changing, volatile market. 

This forces crypto traders to use time-consuming Excel spreadsheets to track trades one by one, stare at the movement of crypto charts around the clock to find the right time and the right pair to profit, and scramble from one platform to another to keep a tab on them all.

Luckily, there is a better approach to manage your assets and gain a better understanding of how the value of your portfolio develops and changes over time.

What is a crypto portfolio tracker?

A crypto portfolio tracker is an app that enables you to manage and track your assets across multiple platforms, monitor price changes, and stay up to date on the value of your portfolio through a single pane of glass. In other words, one app to rule them all.

How to choose the best crypto portfolio tracker? 

There are a number of portfolio trackers available on the market, each with a different set of features suitable for different needs. From trackers that are connected to crypto exchanges and allow you to trade coins directly from the interface, to platforms that come with an impressive list of supported assets but lack trading capabilities, the choice is wide. 

However, when choosing a portfolio tracker some basic requirements should be mandatory. For starters, security should be a top priority. As most of these platforms are linked to exchanges, wallets, and blockchain networks, there’s room for unauthorized access and hacking attacks to compromise your funds. So when comparing trackers, check to see if they have advanced security features like two-factor authentication and multi-layer encryption.

Simplicity is another factor to consider. Portfolio trackers should be simple to use and give you a clear overview of your portfolio in just a few clicks.

Finally, as a one-stop shop for your assets, a portfolio tracker should support a wide range of cryptocurrencies as well as plug’n’play connections to the major and popular crypto exchanges. This way you can trade all of the assets you want without having to work with multiple platforms or remember a bunch of passwords.

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best crypto portfolio trackers, along with their benefits and drawbacks.  Let’s dive in, shall we?

9 top crypto portfolio trackers



Coin Market Manager






Which crypto portfolio trackers support NFTs?




Track your crypto in one place

9 top crypto portfolio trackers


CoinStats is a popular crypto tracker that boasts some appealing features, including:

  • accurate, live pricing data for more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies 
  • news from various sources to help its users to stay informed and make better decisions for their investing
  • possibility to earn up to 20% APY by staking
  • real-time notification when a cryptocurrency is quickly appreciating in value or when a new trading pair is available
  • heatmap that shows the state of the market
  • mobile app available for iOS and Android.

CoinStats also allows traders to connect their wallets and exchanges and trade cryptocurrency directly from the platform or purchase coins with a debit card connected to their account.

However, keep in mind that getting the most out of CoinStats requires a Pro or Premium subscription. Pro subscription will cost you $3.49 a month to connect 10 wallets and 10 exchanges as well as unlimited access to data insights. Premium subscription, which comes with unlimited exchange and wallet connections and up to 100,000 transactions, will cost you $13.99 a month. 


With an easy-to-use interface, responsive customer support, and advanced tracking features, Shrimpy definitely deserves a place on this list. It’s a comprehensive portfolio tracking tool that unites exchanges and wallets to let you manage your assets efficiently. 

Through the Shrimpy dashboard, you can trade coins, track the performance of your coins, monitor and analyze the market, leverage advanced portfolio backtesting, and automatically track any balance changes to both hardware and software wallets.

Shrimpy supports 1,000+ crypto assets and is connected to more than 30 crypto exchanges and wallets, including Binance, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, FTX, Gemini, Kraken, Coinomi, Guarda, Metamask, and more.

When it comes to price, Shrimpy is quite flexible. You can choose among three pricing plans:

  • Starter ($15 per month) 
  • Professional ($63 per month)
  • Enterprise ($299 per month)

Coin Market Manager

Another popular crypto portfolio tracker, Coin Market Manager (CMM), can assist you in several ways:

  • It saves time by automating tracking of order executions.
  • It provides balance history charts per asset along with in-depth actionable account analytics that include rates, profitable trading time, and wins/losses.
  • It displays real-time market prices.
  • It equips you with a journaling tool for advanced insights.

Through connected exchanges, CMM allows automatic trade import, where you can pull active or closed trade data and pre-populate new journal entries. Another benefit of CMM is that you can see real-time balances with your withdrawals and deposits, as well as track your wins/losses in both fiat and crypto.

For all those looking to level up their crypto trading knowledge, CMM has an impressive collection of educational resources that explore the industry and answer common questions.

However, CMM has its dark secrets. So far, it’s only available for desktop and doesn’t support a mobile app. Another downside is the small number of exchanges that are supported. BitMEX, Bittrex, Coinbase, Bybit, Deribit, and Binance are the six exchanges currently supported by the platform.

If you want to try out CMM’s capabilities, you can sign up for a seven-day, risk-free trial. If you decide to stick to it, you can choose from three flexible plans. is the first crypto portfolio tracker equipped with interactive and gamified decision intelligence to help you to discover new investment and trading opportunities. It’s both a mobile and a web app, which can be used to access and trade more than 1 billion stocks, options, ETFs, and, of course, cryptocurrencies. 

Some of its prominent features include:

  • Terminal. View real-time price charting, top gainers and losers, your watchlists, proprietary trade signal alerts, options flow trade visualization, unique price levels of support or resistance, and more. 
  • Dynamic security comparisons. Compare stocks and ETFs across industries and sectors.
  • Education platform. Extensive material for educating investors and helping them to up their game, become elite traders, and get a competitive edge. 
– Up-to-date analytics, alerts, and live news.
– In-depth market data and real-time indicators.
– Forum for traders with insightful content channels on a subscription basis.
– Limited cryptocurrency options.

If you want to try out, you can choose between subscribing to a free account or a PRO account that comes with several payment plans, depending on the features you want to unlock.


FTX, formerly Blockfolio, is a complete portfolio tracking solution. It provides detailed charts and graphs so you can track your favorite assets, stay on top of your trading activities, and keep up with the latest market changes. With a single interface, you can:

  • check prices, quantities, and trends
  • access to futures, equities, and other advanced markets
  • choose from the largest variety of cryptocurrencies available — over 10,000 types.

Some of the disadvantages include limited access to FTX for US residents and the lack of live chat support, which forces users to sift through the platform’s help center to get an answer.


Kubera is a cutting-edge portfolio management application for tracking all your investment and trading classes in one place. This includes cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, private equity, bonds, loans, and even assets such as internet domains, houses, and cars. 

The platform is connected to major crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Binance, and Bittrex and supports wallets like Ledger, Trezor, and MetaMask. On top of that, Kubera connects to more than 20,000 banks worldwide, meaning users can track both domestic and overseas assets and holdings. Its capabilities are quite versatile—Kubera offers manual asset entry, and automated options to value different assets, such as URLs, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and real estates.

Legacy planning tool is another interesting feature for investors. Since users are required to log into the app or answer emails at regular intervals, if a specific amount of time passes without a response, the tool will send the essential financial data to the beneficiary, also known as a “trusted angel”. This material might include legal paperwork, life insurance information, estate documents, and passwords. 

It’s worth noting that in the investment world, ensuring safe transfer of portfolio to family is frequently overlooked. The loss of $500 million in Ripple following the death of crypto millionaire and banking heir Matthew Mellon is a good illustration. According to reports, his family was unable to locate his private key, which would have granted access to the billionaire’s vast crypto collection.

Although it comes with a versatile set of features, Kubera does have its drawbacks, such as lack of budgeting tools, credit score monitoring, and in-depth portfolio analysis.

The tool is currently available on desktop, mobile, and as a progressive web app. If you decide to try out Kubera, you can start with a 14-day free trial. After that, the tool will cost you $15 a month or $150 per year.


Another crypto portfolio tracker receiving positive comments is Altrady. It’s a crypto trading platform that enables investors and traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on different exchanges from a single platform. In addition, Altrady is a powerful, customizable tool whose features can be adjusted to different needs and requirements.

Some of its customization features include hotkeys and journaling to track trades and progress, automated scanning, charting to interpret market movements and spot trends, crypto trading bots, laddering, and smart orders. 

Altrady is suitable for more experienced crypto investors and convenient for those looking to manage their investments through a single terminal. With Altrady you can trade on 17 prominent crypto exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, BitMEX, KuCoin, and Huobi.

When it comes to order types, Altrady’s trading terminal lets you place market, stop-limit, scaled-ladder, and limit orders.

Furthermore, the platform boasts a number of amazing widgets. Break-even calculator, for example, estimates profit margin and break-even point automatically, enabling traders to determine whether they are winning or losing on a particular market. 

– Extensive library of educational videos showcasing how to use the platform.
– Real-time and accurate notifications.
– There is no minimum deposit necessary to sign up.
– Broker fees and monthly fees are charged separately.

In addition to desktop, Altrady is also available as an iOS and Android app. Users can choose between three account tiers, each of which unlocks different features.


Sharesight, a tracking portfolio for automatically following the value of your assets, is a good solution for investors with both domestic and foreign accounts. With Sharesight, your domestic and international dividend income is automatically recorded, categorized, and displayed in a clear and easy-to-understand chart.

Although simple and intuitive, the platform offers advanced reporting options for tracking the value of your portfolio on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

The tax reporting tool even lets you personalize your tax reporting and set your tax residence regardless of your location. You may give your accountant access to your Sharesight account so they can help you with the dull work around your taxes.

Sharesight supports online brokerage accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, as well as eight major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple, and Stellar Lumens.

You can test Sharesight via a free trial. After that, you’ll have to choose one of four plans:

  • Free plan where you can add up to 10 holdings
  • Starter plan—same features as the Free plan, plus tracking and monitoring up to 20 holdings
  • Investor plan—same features as the Starter plan, plus the capability to track an unlimited number of holdings and up to 3 portfolios.
  • Expert plan—same features as the Starter plan, plus the ability to track up to 5 portfolios and advanced reporting options.


Delta, which debuted in 2017, had a strong start. It was able to attract its first million users in its first year and was subsequently acquired by eToro, a social trading and investment platform.

Delta is a popular crypto portfolio tracker that gives you a clear overview of your portfolio and enables you to track all investments, both crypto and non-crypto, through a single interface. 

It’s connected to more than 300 crypto exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken, KuCoin, and Poloniex to automatically import your trades and current holdings.

Delta supports 5,000+ different cryptocurrencies, stocks, traditional currencies, EFTs, mutual funds, and more.

The platform offers an in-depth analysis of your portfolio, gathering data like asset source and location, trades, investment status and used exchanges, and presents it through a user-friendly dashboard.

Furthermore, handy tools such as Market and Watchlist keep track of real-time prices of assets, the background and specifics of crypto and blockchain projects, industry trends, and community debates about supported cryptocurrencies.

In addition, you can customize the app to focus on specific markets or assets. If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you can use it for that purpose only.

There is no support for trading directly within the program, which is one of the primary downsides— traders must go to crypto exchanges to place orders, and make deposits and withdrawals. 

Delta is available on Android, iOS, and Windows and can be synced across multiple devices. The app has a free plan and a Delta Pro plan. Delta Pro offers attractive portfolio options, device syncing, and unlimited access to supported exchanges. However, at $60, many users find the Pro plan a bit too pricey.

Which crypto portfolio trackers support NFTs?

At the beginning of 2021, only a small group of crypto enthusiasts was familiar with the concept of NFTs. Yet, the latest data shows that the market surpassed $40 billion in investment by the end of the year.

But what exactly are NFTs and what makes them so appealing? An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digital item that can be bought, stored, and sold using blockchain technology. Non-fungible refers to the fact that it is unique and can’t be replaced. For instance, assets like diamonds or baseball cards are non-fungible—there can be many reproductions or prints, but only one original. NFTs represent the proof of ownership of an asset and can come in the form of digital artwork, tweets, virtual trading cards, images, virtual real estate, and so on. 

Although only recently reaching a peak in popularity, NFTs have been around since 2017. CryptoKitties, a popular trading game on Ethereum, was one of the original NFTs for buying and selling virtual cats. In just a few weeks, the game gathered a fanbase that spent more than $20 million worth of Ether buying, feeding, and nurturing virtual cats. Yes, seriously.

Today, NFTs give content creators more power than ever. A number of artists, musicians, investors, and celebrities are monetizing their work through blockchain. In early March, a group of NFTs by digital artist Beeple was sold for over $69 million. Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for $2.9 million, while a video clip of LeBron James dunking recently sold for over $200,000.

But why bother purchasing, let’s say, digital artwork when you can simply take a screenshot? It’s about ownership. Although the artist can keep copyright and reproduction rights, the NFT establishes your ownership of the item.

If you decide to invest in NFTs, you must consider how to safely add them to your portfolio and manage them effectively. Crypto portfolio trackers that support NFTs can be highly useful for this purpose. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.


DappRadar is a well-known tool in the world of decentralized apps, regarded as a leader in their analysis and distribution. Founded in 2018, the platform today attracts more than one million users per month and hosts 9,000 decentralized apps across more than 30 blockchain protocols. 

With DappRadar you can discover, explore, and track a range of  decentralized applications, from games, tokens and DEXs to NFTs. If you connect your wallet to the platform, you ​​can see your crypto portfolio and its worth, as well as track the value and performance of your assets, including NFTs. DappRadar also provides a variety of tools for performing extensive NFT evaluations as well as comprehensive  analytics to help you better manage your portfolio.

NTFBank has an interesting way of determining the value of NFTs. In a nutshell, the platform aggregates all NFTs in a specific collection, calculates their current prices, and determines their scarcity. It will next examine one specific NFT to determine its worth based on market prices.

The platform features a powerful Explorer, where you can search for NFT collections on different blockchains and compare stats such as floor prices, volume, and new NFTs, as well as best deals by seeing underpriced listings for 1,900+ NFT collections.

NFTBank makes it simple to connect your crypto wallet and analyze analytics like earnings and losses, expenditure, and ROI. Another nice feature is the option to get tax reports in your preferred currency and format.


Known as NFT ecosystem guardians, bitsCrunch is a crypto portfolio tracker powered by machine learning and AI technologies, based in Munich, Germany with operations in India. It focuses not only on identifying valuable NFTs, but on detecting forgeries, giving you insights and data to decide which NFT to buy and which not. 

The platform aims to create a transparent NFT marketplace and estimate genuine asset value while eliminating wash trading, ensuring fair prices, and preventing digital art fraud. If you’re concerned that the NFT you’re buying isn’t authentic or could be stolen, bitsCrunch can double-check it for you.

The company recently announced its partnership with Mastercard as part of the Mastercard Start Path Program, with the goal of allowing non-crypto users to purchase digital assets with fiat currencies. 


DeBank is a dashboard for tracking your DeFi portfolio, with data and analytics for decentralized lending protocols, stablecoins, margin trading platforms, and DEXes.

DeBank prides itself on monitoring holding on nearly 20 blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC. When it comes to NFTs, the platform supports more than 400 collections on the Ethereum network.

By connecting to DeBank’s interface via your wallet, you will be able to track and manage your NFTs and other DeFi assets as well as discover new projects, compare prices, assess potential risks, and more.

If you want to swap your coins, DeBank has a dedicated page where it displays a range of swap rates. 

How to track your crypto portfolio in one place with Ledger Live?

As of March 2022, there are more than 10,000 active cryptocurrencies, with upwards of 300 million users across the globe buying, selling, and swapping their coins 24/7/365. The crypto market never sleeps. 

Expanding and diversifying your portfolio is fantastic for your finances. However, managing a range of assets with different wallets and across several crypto exchanges can be tricky. Without a single platform from which you can easily add, view, and monitor every piece of your portfolio, it can be hard to get the most out of your investments. 

Here’s where the Ledger Live app comes to the rescue. Together with the Ledger hardware wallet that shields your private keys from malicious attacks, Ledger Live provides you with a secure gateway into the world of cryptocurrencies. 

Through our trusted partners, you can buy crypto without leaving the Ledger Live interface, swap hundreds of crypto pairs, stake your coins for passive income, manage Ethereum NFTs, send and receive 1800+ coins and tokens, check your real-time balance, and more. All in one place. 

And in the long run, Ledger Live can help you meet your financial goals, take advantage of new opportunities, and understand the value of your holdings.

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