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Blog posts, Product | 02/01/2023

Your Ledger Nano Accessories Are Here! Protect Your Ledger In Style

Things to know:

– You asked and we’re delivering! Beyond securing your crypto, we want to make sure your Ledger Nanos remain in perfect condition with a bold, fearless protection to your Ledger. 

– Our new accessories, the Ledger Nano Case and the Ledger Nano Pod, are now available to order online and in-store as well as at Ledger retailers for your Ledger Nano X and Nano S Plus. You can also shop all accessories online here.

– After the launch of the Ledger Nano S Plus, and the Colored version of both the Ledger Nano X and the Ledger Nano S Plus, we’re ecstatic over our two new accessories for Ledger Nanos.

Elevate Your Crypto Security  

Ledger is continuing to forge new paths in the crypto security universe, by fusing together physical and virtual luxury with innovation at the forefront. That means elevating our visual appeal, too. As we prepare for the next billion users to join the Web3 revolution, we want to offer the most contemporary approach to crypto security. 

How can we make Ledger more design-forward? 

The answer is simple: Upgraded Protection. Ledger is launching two new protective accessories to keep your crypto secure and protect your Ledger Nano X  and Ledger Nano S Plus while looking refined, sleek, and discreet. 

The Ledger Nano Case: an elegant upgrade to your crypto & NFT security

For Ledger Nano X and Nano S Plus owners, we’ve designed an elegant upgrade to crypto and NFTs security. Think of it as the perfect addition to your wardrobe that you can confidently open or close with its magnetic clasp, or an intriguing conversation starter at dinner when your friends admire its subtle, satin finish. 

The Ledger Nano Case was thoughtfully designed to enhance your Ledger experience. Our case is so gentle on your fingers and skin with its soft touch, you’ll almost forget it’s there. You can look forward to these upgrades:

  • Protect your device: keep your Ledger Nano in mint condition. Avoid scratches and everyday wear and tear. Look like new, forever.
  • Discreetly Elegant: make a statement without drawing too much attention.
  • A Friendly Companion: the pebble-like form gives your Ledger Nano X a friendly and approachable touch, making it easy to grasp and hold. 

Shop the Ledger Nano Case here

The Ledger Nano Pod: Protect Your Device, anytime, anywhere

We’ve also crafted a special pod to protect your Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano X, anytime, anywhere. It’s perfectly designed to keep up with your daily life,  enabling ample protection and easy access. Plus, share more about your NFT collection once your friends catch the alluring, metallic frame of your pod metal finish that adds just the right amount of flare and boldness. 

Upgrade to pod protection and enjoy these benefits: 

  • Protect your device: designed for long lasting protection, keep your Nano scratch- free and in perfect condition.
  • Travel-proof: your Ledger Nano Pod is portable and easily pocketable. Securely stash your Ledger Nano but have it ready at your fingertips.
  • Designed to keep up with your life: keep up with your hectic city life, jet setting, or office meetings with ample protection and easy access.  

Shop the Ledger Nano Pod here.

Connecting Fashion With Crypto

Still not sure how fashion and crypto are connected? 

Earlier this year through our collab with Fendi, we brought a new sense of luxury to the Web3 revolution with new tech accessories designed for the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, combining Fendi’s signature aesthetic with Ledger’s secure technology. Inspired by Fendi’s iconic Baguette and O’Lock, Fendi reimagined the classics with two, emboldened wallet cases crafted from lightweight aluminum, elevated with a futuristic high-shine finish. 

If you missed it, check it out, here. It was a precursor to Ledger’s ambition to merge the worlds of fashion and crypto, and made apparent just how intertwined they were. 

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