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Blog posts, Company | 06/08/2022

Expanding The Web3 Borders With Our New €100M Fund ‘Ledger Cathay Capital’

By Michael Louzado, VP Strategy, M&A & Ventures at Ledger.

Things to know:

We have just launched a €100M early-stage venture fund, Ledger Cathay Capital, in partnership with Cathay Innovation, to onboard the next billion users on Web3.

Led by Cathay Innovation’s Denis Barrier and Ledger’s Pascal Gauthier and myself, our new venture will invest globally in Seed to Series A companies focused on emerging DeFi, security, infrastructure, digital ownership technologies, protocols and more. 

Ledger Cathay Capital aims at unlocking the full potential of Web3 and reaching the next billion users while ensuring security and trust at scale.

– You can find the link to the full presentation here.

In the past few years, the crypto ecosystem has seen tremendous growth, ushering in a range of use cases including DeFi, DApps, DAOs and NFTs. But while this trend highlights how far we’ve come, we’re still in the early days of a major digital shift.

Let’s take a big picture. The Internet is in a new phase of development, transitioning from a “read-write” to a “read-write-own” model. This crypto-fuelled revolution is altering how we consider ownership and value while bringing significant security challenges. For the last 7 years, the crypto adoption rate has followed the same pattern as the internet in the 1990’s. If this trend holds, reports predict that there will be between 1 and 1.6 billion users by 2027.

This upcoming internet era will most likely happen through a massive wave of tokenization, bringing programmability and digital ownership to all assets. You might ask: tokenization of what, exactly? From money, art, shares to identity, everything valuable will be converted into tokens, logged into blockchains and be managed by individuals rather than third-parties. By 2027, 10% of the world’s GDP is expected to be stored on public blockchain technology, representing a market of $13.4 trillion US dollars. 

Powering the Web3 Revolution with Ledger Cathay Capital

Ledger’s North Star is to provide security and ease of use for both investors and institutions involved in Web3. But as we keep growing, so do our ambitions. Our €100M new venture, Ledger Cathay Capital, aims at unlocking the opportunities of Web3 for entrepreneurs around the world. 

Backed by Bpifrance, Ledger Cathay Capital will invest in early-stage projects covering crypto, DeFi, blockchains, NFTs, DAOs and the tokenization of everything, focusing on entrepreneurs bringing a secure, decentralized future to the next billion users. Ledger Cathay Capital will unlock global resources and networks, giving creators and founders the capital, tools and unmatched industry access to innovate at scale from the very start. 

We believe in a future where people truly own their digital assets and interact with Web3 and the Metaverse with full control and security. We are proud to play a role in accelerating the Web3 movement while establishing the highest security standards. 

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