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Blog posts, Product | 05/13/2019

First Ledger Nano X Shipment To Start Next Week

Ledger Nano X first shipping

After the initial delay caused by a production quality issue that had surfaced on the last minute, the first batch of Ledger Nano X’s (Genesis Editions) will be shipped on May 15th, bringing the next generation of hardware wallets to the public. The rest of the pre-orders will be shipped the week of the 20th of May, enabling general availability from May 27th. As announced in March, those who pre-ordered before March 21st will also receive one free Nano S per order.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding, we wanted to ensure delivering a top-quality product, which we are now able to provide. We are incredibly excited to bring what we believe to be a game-changer to crypto owners all around the globe.

The Ledger Nano X brings innovation in many different ways. In this article, we would like to present some of these new or enhanced features to you.

Bluetooth Enabled: Accessing Your Crypto Assets, Everywhere You Go.

Thanks to the wireless connection of a Bluetooth enabled device, the Ledger Nano X can effortlessly communicate with mobile phones. Combined with the Ledger Live Mobile app (released end of January), this allows you quick access to your crypto assets anywhere you want. You will be able to perform the exact same operations on your Ledger Live Mobile app as had been the case with the desktop version, meaning installing apps, verifying receiving addresses and creating transactions for natively supported cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies that are not supported natively yet can be managed through their compatible third party wallet – you can see the matching wallet on this page.

While no sensitive data is transferred through it, we have taken the security of the Bluetooth communication into consideration. You can read more about this here.

Increased Storage:

As the Ledger Nano X uses a Secure Element with enhanced storage, it will be able to store up to 100 applications at once. This provides easier access to many more crypto assets. As of today, all cryptocurrency apps that are available on the Ledger Nano S are equally compatible with the Ledger Nano X. This allows it to be useable with over 1100 different cryptocurrencies that were already supported on the Ledger Nano S.

We are also looking into making utility apps, such as Recovery Check, compatible with the Ledger Nano X soon.

Improved Architecture: Providing You a Secure Experience, Everywhere You Go.

Much like the Ledger Nano S, the Nano X features a certified Secure Element (CCEAL5+). This secure chip is resistant to many types of attacks, effectively protecting your hardware wallet against a variety of physical attacks. Secure Elements are used in high-end solution for storing critical, sensitive data such as credit cards and passports.

Improved User-Experience:

The Ledger Nano X has several features to provide its users with an enhanced experience. The screen size has been increased so that scrolling addresses will be a thing of the past. The buttons are larger and on the sides rather than the top and to round it all off we have improved the navigation.

Today marks the start of a new era cryptocurrency security in the mobile market. We’re extremely excited and proud to bring the next generation of hardware wallets to you.

We would like to once more apologize for the delay caused by a production issue and thank you for your patience. That said, we are excited to start shipping the Ledger Nano X and provide you with a secure crypto experience, everywhere you go.

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