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Blog posts, Product | 08/03/2018

Important message concerning the Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App

At 8:00 pm CET on Thursday evening, August 2nd, we pushed the update 1.3.0 of our Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App.
This update erroneously incorporated a technical glitch, resulting in the display of a static unique reception address (starting with 0xC33B16…) to all users. The Ethereum Classic (ETC) reception address was also affected.
This resulted in a limited number of ETH, ETC and ERC20 tokens being sent to this address.
The issue was identified at 09:50 am CET Friday morning, August 3rd, and all Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome Apps were immediately and proactively patched to version 1.3.1 to fix the issue.
At the time of this post, 64 potentially erroneous transactions to this address have been identified within the relevant timeframe: Ledger will transfer the amounts related to these 64 transactions (including transaction fees) to those that have been impacted.
If you happen to be one of the few users impacted by this situation, please reach out to Ledger Support (Contact us > Technical Issue: “Something went wrong with the ETH Chrome App”)
This issue impacted only version 1.3.0 of the Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App – users of Ledger Live or any other Ledger Wallet Chrome Apps were not affected.
Ledger Live, the recently-launched native companion app to your Ledger device, enables you to double-check your reception address on your Ledger device – as a good security practice, make sure to always verify your reception address on your device when sharing your address.
If you’re using the Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App, please make sure to:

  • Restart the Chrome browser. This will automatically install the patched update.
  • Switch to Ledger Live. Google has announced Chrome Apps will be discontinued by end of this year. Additionally, Ledger Live incorporates reinforced safety features and the most up-to-date Ledger experience.

If you have used the Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App from August 2nd 8:00pm CET to August 3rd 5pm CET:

  • The reception address shown on the Chrome app started with 0xC33B16 and is not your address. All funds send to this address will NOT show on your balance.
  • Double check all the third party apps and/or exchanges where you saved or sent your address. Reach out to your contacts to make sure you provide them with your correct ETH / ETC address.

If you have not used the Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App during the time of the issue, you do not have any action to take.

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