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Blog posts, Company | 09/30/2019

Introducing Ledger Support – Our New Twitter Account

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Ledger Support Twitter

Ledger’s newly created Twitter Support account will be used to share content designed to help our users get the maximum out of their device and provide regular support updates. 

We’re excited to launch our Ledger Support Twitter account to better serve our incredible community and go the extra mile for them. Our main account will continue to be used for all the content you’ve come to expect from us – the support account will be an extension.

Here to help!

The Ledger community has always been the core of our company. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be where we are today: being a leader in cryptocurrency security. 

With this new account, we aim to support our community to the best of our capabilities, providing you with more material to set you up for a successful Ledger experience. One can think of tutorials, showing extra features not many know of as well as content explaining basics of Ledger devices to newcomers. 

Not only that, but we’ll have a dedicated account which you can ask anything to help you with your Ledger journey. Lastly, we’ll be providing regular status updates on current technical difficulties and their resolution, keeping you updated.

Moving forward

You – our community – has always been there for us. We, in turn, want to do our utmost to help our community. With the creation of our Ledger Support Twitter account, we want to take our support efforts to the next level.

We look forward to serving you to the best of our capabilities. Don’t hesitate to follow @Ledger_Support on Twitter and ask away. Also, we’d gladly hear from you what you’d like to see from our latest support account!

Ps.: Kindly note that our Ledger Support page is not yet verified – we’re currently looking into this.

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