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Blog posts, Company, Product | 02/24/2023

RTFKT & Ledger Announce Capsule Collection and Educational Partnership At NFT Paris

In an exciting display of Web3 synergy, we are proud to join forces with innovative luxury brand RTFKT to launch the first in series of education programs and collaborative drops. With an official debut on-stage at NFT Paris, the announcement dubs RTFKT a flagship partner and unveils the RTFKT x Ledger collection and educational programming to bring secure self-custody to the masses. 

Bringing RTFKT founder Benoit Pagotto to the stage, Ledger will detail the relationship during a keynote presentation by VP of Metaverse Sébastien Badault, effectively marking the beginning of their evolution together. Building an elevated and holistic approach to safety, complete with physical products, digital offerings, and an educational component, RTFKT and Ledger establish the foundation for their ongoing partnership. 

With a high caliber of dedicated collectors, it is crucial that RTFKT provide a safe and secure solution for its fans. In joining up with Ledger, the Web3 security leader, they are propelling luxury into its next iteration, providing a savvy case study for innovation without compromise. RTFKT addresses this new dedication to safety, explaining, “we are doubling down on education so everyone understands how to safely secure their critical digital assets.” 

“We’re super proud to continue our collaboration with Ledger and to push it to the next level with these products, allowing everyone to get into digital collectibles safely and in RTFKT style,” says Benoit Pagotto.

As a leader in phygital fashion and digital on-chain artifacts, RTFKT is in a prime position to provide necessary education and preventative tools. Ledger, with their existing best in class approach to security in Web3, is the facilitating partner, providing this very information to the growing RTFKT audience. Beginning with the NFT Paris Keynote speech, Ledger and RTFKT will be emphasizing the importance of knowledge when entering the Web3 space. With existing programs including Ledger Quest, which incentivizes the NFT learning process with the opportunity to earn crypto, not only is education accessible, it’s enjoyable. Following the age-old adage with great freedom comes great responsibility, Ledger bridges the gap between the off-chain educational experience and the excitement of on-chain participation with content and a rewards system, effectively gamifying the learning process in pursuit of education for all. Bringing this experience in creating appealing education to the partnership, Ledger offers RTFKT collectors a truly desirable way to enrich their experience and ultimately protect their assets. 

Starting off their partnership with a physical release, Ledger and RTFKT bring collectors a special all white custom edition of the Ledger Nano S Plus and I’m Nano X, available for purchase as an NFT and redeemable for the physical item. Following the initial limited drop, keep an eye on [ Ledger ] Market for future collaborations each of which come with RTFKT Quests in an effort to bring education to the masses, demonstrating both the physical and digital aspects of the evergreen partnership and emphasizing the part hardware plays in security. With this collaboration, holders can expect branded quests, designed and co-created to provide the highest quality of onboarding experience and rewards through the platform.

A third physical expression of the collaboration for RTFKT and Ledger Genesis holders will have access to a limited edition Nano-case accessory – a super rare silver pendant with the RTFKT logo on the end caps, which will come with a Nano X. With allow lists for Clone X and Genesis Pass Holders, this more exclusive drop will be available on [ L ] Market. Although the conversation is born out of incredible advancements in native digital technology, the resulting products span the physical and digital world, demonstrating a natural integration between existing and emerging art and tech. With the opportunity to purchase items as digital collectibles and redeem them as physical items, they are effectively bridging this gap. 

The relationship extends well beyond products, with an integrated experience in place to add value for collectors. Every RTFKT Collection item sold on [ L ] Market comes with RTFKT’s creative approach to education, explaining how to create a cold wallet and how to use it to safely navigate the Web3 space. As they continue their partnership, RTFKT will bring new and exciting, highly curated niche items to [ L ] Market, establishing the platform as the go-to destination for high-end and innovative phygital collectibles. 

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