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Available on: Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

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Install apps on your device using the Ledger Live Manager

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To start managing your crypto, add accounts in Ledger Live for the 23 coins and ERC20 tokens supported. For other assets, use a compatible external wallet.

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You now manage your own private keys

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to enter your 24-word recovery phrase into your Ledger device to restore the private keys that manage your accounts.

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Please connect your device to Ledger Live and open the Manager tab. A blue update button will appear if a firmware update is available.

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Ledger Live supports 23 coins and ERC-20 tokens. Please check which coins are supported and what external wallets you should use for others on our supported crypto assets page.

Supported crypto assets

Please remove the Ledger Nano X in Ledger Live and from the Bluetooth menu on your phone. Then set up the pairing once again. More solutions are available in our support article.

Fix Bluetooth issues

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