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Blog posts, Company | 02/10/2022

Our Journey to Improve Customer Support At Ledger

Things to know:

At Ledger, we took concrete action to improve our Customer Support standard and better serve our users. Key product issues are now behind us (i.e. MetaMask connection), our Customer Support team nearly quadrupled compared to a year ago and while we were previously replying within days, we are now replying within hours.

Your satisfaction is what matters most to us. Our goals for 2022 are 200+ agents globally, 24/7 availability, a constant capacity to reply within minutes, more languages supported and new communication tools to instantly meet all your needs.

At Ledger, we are fully committed to giving you the best user experience with your Hardware Wallets, the Ledger Nano S and Nano X, and Ledger Live, your all-in-one Digital Asset Management solution. 

In this article, we explain our past challenges, current achievements and next milestones to better serve our users.

Our Road Towards an Improved Customer Experience

The crypto industry has seen important growth over the past year, with increased need and demand for Ledger’s leading security products. With more users securing their digital assets with Ledger Hardware Wallets and managing them through Ledger Live, customer inquiries have significantly increased. Too many users faced delayed responses, and we took note. 

Last year, we took concrete action to decrease response time and bring you a tailored customer experience. We discovered an ongoing issue with MetaMask and partnered with them to ensure that you can seamlessly connect your MetaMask with your Ledger. We also worked diligently to quickly eradicate any bugs that got between our users and their crypto, including the Nano X battery issues that we encountered last year.

In addition, our Customer Support team nearly quadrupled compared to a year ago. During Q4 2021, our median resolution time decreased by 39%, our full resolution time by 21%. ​​That seems abstract to you? It simply means that we were previously replying within days, while we are now replying within hours. And things will get even better. By the end of the year, we’ll reply to your inquiries within minutes. 

Year Ahead: From Customer Support to Customer Success

At Ledger, we will bring our Customer Support services to the next level with 3 guiding principles: security, reactivity, and empathy. 

Our next key milestones are:

  • 24/7 availability. 

We are currently running massive recruitment campaigns and hiring highly skilled agents around the world to always have more resources than needed to help you. Want to work at Ledger? Apply here.

  • Worldwide coverage. 

We now have a U.S. Customer Support hub: Since Jan. 2022, a Ledger team has been working on the West Coast. Other local teams will be launched in other regions around the world. By the end of 2022, we expect 200+ Ledger agents working around the globe to ensure that all regions are covered 24/7.

  • More languages. 

While English is 100% supported, we already translate some support content into four languages, and will add more languages to embrace our global community of users. We plan to cover the following languages for all Support needs by the end of year: French, English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and Thaï.

  • New communication channels. 

We are currently working to bring highly interactive communication tools to and the Ledger Live app. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

  • More security & privacy.

Now, when you reach out to Ledger Support, we won’t ask for your email address unless you explicitly request to be contacted through this channel. 

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If you are new to crypto and Web3, don’t worry, we have dedicated material to help you get started. The Ledger Academy offers a comprehensive educational guide to the world of Web3, and Ledger Support helps you easily navigate our different Ledger products. Below are articles you should read if you’re just beginning with us:

Your satisfaction is what matters most to us. Our goals for 2022 are 200+ agents globally, 24/7 availability, more languages supported and new communication tools for all your needs. We would like to thank you for your loyalty, and be sure that we will keep improving our standards. Customer Support and Success can always be improved, and we will never stop pushing our goals to help make this new ecosystem more understandable and enjoyable for you.

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