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Blog posts, Product | 04/14/2022

Simplify Your Crypto Tax Reports: ZenLedger Meets Ledger Live

Things to know:

The end of the tax season is quickly approaching in the US, and you’re having a hard time filling out your crypto declarations? ZenLedger, a leading crypto tax software, answers this hurdle, and it has just joined our Ledger Live* growing family of apps. 

ZenLedger is made for crypto users and tax professionals who need a simple way to process their crypto tax accounting. It can be used by anyone in the world who would like their transactions easily aggregated and cleaned up into a readable format.

Ledger hardware wallets facilitate much more than securing your digital belongings. With Ledger Live*, you can access a wide range of apps covering all your crypto needs, making your Web3 experience both secure and convenient.

Your Crypto Tax Process Made Easier Through Ledger Live

The crypto field is increasingly exciting, but also grows in complexity for investors. You might find it complicated to have a complete view of all your crypto transactions and put it all together when paying taxes on your crypto earnings.

ZenLedger, a leading crypto tax software that just joined Ledger Live, offers concrete solutions. 

ZenLedger is designed for crypto users and tax professionals who need a simple way to process their crypto tax accounting, with a strong focus on US tax standards. It can be used by anyone in the world who would like their transactions to be easily aggregated and cleaned up into a readable format. Once you import your transactions to ZenLedger, the software aggregates your data and determines the tax liability for each transaction, and populates the necessary tax forms/reports.

ZenLedger also reviews any historical crypto tax income such as mining, staking, lending, gifts, or even exchange rewards like airdrops and forks. 

Make your Tax Accounting process more efficient with ZenLedger

From now on, these services are available with ease of use through your all-in-one Ledger Live app. ZenLedger supports and connects with over 400+ exchanges, 7000 token types, 30+ DeFi protocols, ERC-721 NFTs and all wallets. All you need is to plug your crypto exchanges accounts, the ZenLedger app will then automatically aggregate the history of all your crypto transactions and populate tax forms. 

ZenLedger is already trusted by big 4 accounting firms, The IRS and TurboTax. It has more than 50K customers and $2.5B holdings tracked, totalling 2.5B transactions.

For Jean-François Rochet, VP International Development at Ledger, « Ledger Live is an all-in-one app for everything in crypto, NFTs and Web3. The integration of ZenLedger shows how many things you can do with this app. With ZenLedger made available, Ledger Live now is a gateway to simplify crypto tax reports. »

Ledger Live: All Your Web3 Needs Within a Single App

If you’re not familiar with Ledger Live yet, it is a proprietary software solution created for users transacting with digital assets through Ledger’s line-up of hardware wallets. 

Ledger Live is a gateway for everything in crypto, NFTs and Web3 where you can access a wide and growing range of Web3 services in one app while keeping your digital assets secure through your Ledger Nano X and Nano S

If you’re interested in buying, swapping, staking and lending your crypto, look no further than Ledger Live and its partners – here you can do it all, from the safety of your hardware wallet. We will also keep adding coins, tokens, NFTs, DApps, and services into your app to provide you with the world’s most complete and secure crypto experience.

Visit the Ledger Live Apps Catalog (in the Discover section) to find our growing list of apps. 

The Ledger Live app has temporarily removed the Discover section from iOS mobile to comply with the Apple store guidelines. The Discover section remains available on Android mobile devices and desktop. This feature will be integrated into Ledger Live on iOS in the future in new and improved ways. 

*Disclaimer: Buy, swap, lend, and other crypto transaction services are provided by third-party partners. Ledger provides no advice or recommendations on use of these third-party services.

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