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Tech | 02/08/2023

The DApps Connect Kit

If you’re a DApp owner, the DApps Connect Kit is a great advantage for your users, as it easily adds the secure support of Ledger to your DApp. The DApps Connect Kit contains everything you need to implement a Ledger button, which is a one-stop click to the best security and ownership Ledger has to offer, while also attracting an ever-increasing user base.

Quick, easy, and maintenance-free

The implementation only takes a few minutes. It can either be a custom, using our connect-kit-loader library or use alternatives such as Web3Modal, Web3-Onboard and wagmi.

The code walkthroughs are found on the Developer Portal.

The button implemented with the DApps Connect Kit relies on the Ledger Extension, available to more and more browsers. If the Extension is not ready for a user’s configuration, it is still an advantage to integrate the DApps Connect Kit now, because its mechanism will open Ledger Live desktop or mobile.

You can have a look at the button behaviour here.

If you already had the old Ledger button (implemented with WalletConnect or our “Connect your App” packages) in your DApp, we recommend you to replace it with the new DApps Connect Kit, as it is slicker, maintenance-free, and a major enhancement over the previous version.

As the support for new protocols and the Ledger extension increases, you won’t have to do anything on your side. The code is designed to be loaded at runtime from a Content Delivery Network so that the logic and UI are updated with our new updates, without waiting for those of wallet libraries and DApps.

Become a Trusted Partner

When you implement the DApps Connect Kit, you become a trusted partner and will be showcased as trusted DApps on our official partner catalog.

These DApps have already taken up the DApps Connect Kit: OpeanSea, Pancake Swap, Curve Finance, 1inch, ParaSwap… and more to come!

If you want to implement the DApps Connect Kit, and want to talk to us about it, join our Discord server.

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