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Blog posts, Company, Product | 06/22/2022

Ledger Expands NFT Offering: Ledger ‘Market’ is Coming Soon & ‘Enterprise Create’ is Live

Things to know:

We are on a mission to power the NFT revolution and enable a future where users, creators and brands interact with their digital value while keeping full control and sovereignty over it securely. 

This future is possible, but it needs secure, user-friendly and end-to-end Web3 platforms to thrive. During our bi-annual flagship event Ledger Op3n, we announced two key initiatives that will enable users, creators, brands and enterprises to tackle this new world with full security and ownership. 

Ledger Market will be our new distribution platform enabling artists, brands and users to create, store and distribute NFTs seamlessly and securely. Ledger Market will simply be the only safe place to mint and buy NFTs while safely interacting with this ever-expanding world. You can join our allowlist for the upcoming drops here.  

Ledger Enterprise Create, launched by Ledger Enterprise and now live, is our security-at-scale platform for brands to scale their Web3 operations with a key focus on NFTs, giving them the treasury management, NFT creation and ownership capabilities they need.

You can access the full playlist from Op3n, including keynotes, panels and announcements videos, here.

Ledger Market: our end-to-end Web3 distribution platform for artists, brands and users

When it comes to NFTs, convenience currently wins over security, and scams are everywhere. Brands and NFT artists have no other choice but to comply with big marketplaces with weak security standards. On top of that, there are many NFT projects, but due to the volume of projects on current marketplaces, most collections are never seen or bid on by people searching for the next Beeple, Punk, or mfer. In fact, 98.2% of OpenSea NFTs have never received a bid. Yes, you heard it: 98.2%.

We are thrilled to announce Ledger Market, our new Web3 distribution platform enabling anyone to create, store and distribute NFTs seamlessly and securely. It will feature monthly curated drops, custom Ledger collabs and product drops for the most premium and secure NFT marketplace experience.

Ledger Market will simply be the only safe place to mint and buy NFTs while safely interacting with this ever-expanding world. 

For Sebastien Badault, VP Metaverse & Web3 at Ledger, “Ledger Market’s value proposition is three-fold. First, it is built on Ledger’s world class security standards. NFTs are fantastic and trigger emotional attachment, losing them because of scammers simply shouldn’t happen. Full stop. Second, Ledger Market is built to be inclusive. It will be accessible to creators, brands, and newbies. Third, Ledger Market is a turnkey solution enabling true ownership and control over NFTs, from minting to storing, for all industry players.” 

Launch partners announced include Brick, Tag Heuer of LVMH, and leading NFT projects DeadFellaz and RTFKT, among others. Coming this summer, with an initial drop of its Genesis Pass NFT, the first NFT to be dropped this Summer 2022 on the Ledger Market. The Genesis Pass NFT will allow you to redeem a limited edition of a Ledger and have early access for future drops. Ledger Market will offer clear-signing for NFT transactions to improve transparency and accountability, helping ensure that what users see is what they sign. Join the allowlist here.

For Teddy Florent, Managing Director – Connected Watches Business Unit : “We are proud of the launch of TAG Heuer Connected watch as the ideal companion to bring your digital collections in the real world onto your wrist, and proud of the partnership with Ledger to provide proof of ownership.”

“BRICK is hyped to partner with Ledger Marketplace for our first release. When it comes to style, taste & curation Ledger has proven to be a cut above the rest while navigating through the Web3 space. Ledger’s ethos align with BRICK from a cultural standpoint when it comes to building community driven spaces that provide tools & knowledge to the youth. With that being said we can’t wait to see what the future brings on with this new partnership” – Brick

We have partnered with broad and important communities such as Deadfellaz, Babylon, Stepn that will be promoting the platform to their members and will have specific guaranteed allocations of Genesis Mint Passes distributed. 

The Ledger Market Pass – Genesis Edition is an NFT that includes access to Ledger Market exclusive collabs, limited edition hardware, airdrops of Art NFTs from Ledger Artist in residence Programs and more. Each token comes with the ability to redeem a limited edition Black-On-Black Ledger Nano X.

The minting for the Genesis pass will happen in July. You can join the allowlist here.

This is the beginning of an important journey and we cannot wait to build this more secure distribution tool for you. We look forward to welcoming you to Ledger Market. While everyone is welcome, Ledger users will be able to securely connect through Ledger Live and clear-sign their transactions, which is the recommended use for ultimate security. 

You can join our allowlist for the upcoming drops by clicking here.  

Ledger Market will be the safest distribution method, but in order for the security ecosystem to be complete, brands must know how to scale their digital value securely.

Ledger Enterprise Create: our new solution for brands & enterprises to scale their digital value

In addition to creators and daily users, other actors such as brands, charities and financial institutions are also increasingly jumping into the NFT space and recognizing the true value of digital ownership. For Ledger Enterprise, where its purpose is to  empower organizations to secure and scale their digital value, NFTs are a key customer segment for growth.

To improve the  experience with this emerging digital world, Ledger Enterprise decided to build “Enterprise Create,” an NFT management platform that is now live. It enables any industry player to manage, create, own and secure their Web3 value. Our new NFT management platform will allow brands and institutions to create and own their smart contracts, mint and distribute tokens & NFTs and manage digital assets treasury, all from a single platform built on the most advanced governance and security standards. 

Among Ledger Enterprise Create core features will be the capacity to securely purchase and manage digital assets, manage NFT smart contracts and token drops will full custody and governance, mint, burn, exchange and custody NFTs and tokens from a single platform and build and automate your own solutions, interfaces and processes with Ledger security at the core. 

For Alex Zinder, Head of Enterprise at Ledger, “Our new Web3 platform is making NFTs first class citizens for any individual or business. Whether you’re an artist who has grown from a few loyal followers to a globally renowned creator serving thousands of fans, or a major global brand that has recognized digital value is the future of ownership and engagement, Enterprise Create is the only fully secure, end-to-end solution to help you scale your Web3 operations.”

Find more information by clicking here.

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