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Blog posts, Product | 10/21/2021

Ledger Nano X: Firmware Version 2.0.0 now available for an improved user experience

Key Takeaways:
— The updated Ledger Nano X 2.0.0 version is now available.
— Updating your Nano X device will simplify your onboarding process, improve battery management as well as security & privacy features. 
— The update process is very simple: just start Ledger Live, go to the Manager section, connect your Nano X device and start the firmware update. 

At Ledger, improving user experience is our priority. With this in mind, the new Ledger Nano X 2.0.0 version is now available. 

Among benefits, updating your Nano X to the latest version will reduce onboarding time for new users, fix a temperature error that prevented some users from charging their devices, show remaining PIN attempts, improve privacy by enabling you to change the device bluetooth name, and pave the way for Bitcoin’s much awaited Taproot upgrade.

A simplified onboarding process for new Nano X users

Updating your Nano X device will enable several UX & UI improvements. 

It will drastically reduce your onboarding time. Until now, when confirming your 24-word recovery phrase, you needed to search for each of the 24 words. By updating your Nano X, you’ll only have to choose 4 words instead of 24.

The updated interface is more informative. Newcomers will see additional educational screens. And we can never say it enough: your 24-word recovery phrase is your only backup in case of theft or loss of your device. Never share your 24 words with anyone!

An improved battery management

Several improvements have been brought to battery management. The most important effect is that this release fixes an error recently encountered by some users, where their device would stop charging because of a temperature error.

We’ve also improved the “low battery” alerts and enriched them with the remaining charging percentage for clarity.

Improved Security & Privacy features

In addition to improving UX & UI, the upgrade also boosts security & privacy features.

Until now, when powering up your Nano device, there wasn’t any notification informing you that you were left with less than 3 PIN attempts. From now on, by updating your Nano X, a warning screen will notify you when you have less than 3 attempts left. Not only does this avoid resetting your device by accident, it also better informs you if your device was manipulated by someone else. 

Besides, the 2.0.0 firmware version improves your privacy by enabling you to change your advertised Bluetooth name with more discreet names than “Nano X”. Updating your Nano X will also allow you to instantly disable Bluetooth upon modification in the settings, without the need to reboot your device. 

Your Nano X is an early Bitcoin Taproot adopter

At Ledger, we encourage positive evolutions behind the Bitcoin protocol. And we know that the Taproot upgrade, set to unfold in November 2021, is one of them. 

With this new version, your Nano X is ready to handle BIP-0340 Schnorr signatures. So when the Ledger ecosystem supports Taproot later this year, this crucial cryptographic capability will already be in your device.

Updating your Nano X is all about improving your user journey

It’s not just a device update. It’s a guarantee that you’ll enjoy the latest version of the Nano apps and the most features in your Ledger Live. After all, it’s all about providing you with the most enjoyable and secure experience when managing your digital assets. 

You can visit Ledger Live app Catalog (Discover Section) to find our latest updates and DApps.

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