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Blog posts, Product | 03/04/2020

Enhancing Your Ledger Experience: Ledger Live Manager Version 2.0 is Now Available

Ledger Live manage your crypto

At Ledger, we’re always looking into ways to optimize the user-experience. Today, we proudly announce the next step for the Ledger Live manager, with new features to build upon its ease-of-use and enhance your Ledger experience.

Released in July 2018, Ledger Live has seen many upgrades since its inception. From Tezos staking services to natively supporting ERC-20 tokens, we’ve continuously looked for ways to build upon the all-in-one platform for your crypto assets. Its Manager section has not seen any upgrade since its launch – and today we’re changing this.

What’s on your device?

As of today, your Ledger Live Manager can tell you which apps are currently installed on your device. This is especially useful for the Ledger Nano X as you can have up to 100 apps installed at the same time – the new Manager can save you the time of scrolling through your device’s dashboard to see what’s already on there. Better yet, it can even tell you which of your applications are outdated, suggesting you to update these. This can be important for optimal security and potential fixes – we strongly recommend always having the latest apps.

A real time-saver

Another major update is seen through the new Ledger Live Manager’s auto-update feature, allowing apps to be updated with the click of a single button. Many applications are dependent on either the Bitcoin or Ethereum application. In order to update one Bitcoin-dependent app, you would have to uninstall and reinstall the Bitcoin app along with all of its dependent applications. Rather than having to go through the painful process of having to do this manually app by app, the auto-update feature will now do all the work for you. This enhancement in user-experience could effectively save a significant amount of time as well as effort. Equally, you will no longer have to check if you need to install the Bitcoin or Ethereum app first – it’ll automatically do this for you if the app is required.

Better insight into storage

A much-requested feature is to see how much free space for applications remains in your Ledger hardware wallet. Not only will the latest Ledger Live Manager version show how much memory you have left, it will equally showcase how much space each application is taking, granting a better understanding of how to manage your device’s storage and how to best open up more space if necessary.

A helping hand

A pretty common question we used to receive is why someone cannot add a certain crypto asset account in Ledger Live. To improve our user experience, we’ve added a filter and tab so you can see whether or not you can manage a crypto asset in Ledger Live. For those that cannot be managed natively, it’ll provide users with a link that’ll indicate how a specific crypto asset can be managed.

Aside from these UX improvements, big technical updates and flow designs have been overhauled as well. 

While the overhaul of the Ledger Live Manager greatly enhances the user-experience – and we are thrilled to share the fruits of our work on this – we are continuously working on even more exciting features to be added to Ledger Live. 2020 will be a tremendous year for Ledger Live, and we are looking forward to showing its full capabilities as its development progresses.

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