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Blog posts, Company, Product | 12/09/2022

Ledger Stax: Your Questions Answered

Ledger Stax™ is our new, breakthrough consumer device. It is built on Ledger’s secure architecture and introduces a unique form designed for unprecedented accessibility and interactivity with the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Ledger Stax will start shipping by the end of Q2 2023. You can preorder today on the Ledger website via the preorder link for Ledger Stax. In due course, it will also be available from select retailers such as Best Buy in the United States. You can also preorder your Ledger Stax on [ Ledger ] Market and get special NFTs in return. 

As Ledger Stax is an unprecedented next-gen device, you might have many questions about its security features, design and functionalities. And none of them should be left unanswered. 

Why is Ledger Stax just as secure as any other Ledger?

Ledger never compromises on security. This is true for the Ledger Nano S, X and S Plus, and it’s no different with Ledger Stax. On every Ledger device, the cryptography technology is directly embedded in our certified CCEAL5+ Secure Element chip. All secrets are held in this chip and it operates with what we call a “trusted display” screen. This screen ensures that all actions run by the Secure Element chip are readable. You can operate a transaction knowing that what you see is what you sign.

A challenge with our Ledger Stax is that the screen is larger than on the Ledger Nano S Plus and Ledger Nano X. So, we had to make sure that our Secure Element chip was still capable of running this larger screen, ensuring our users the same level of security.

Our cyber security team, the Donjon, ran a long series of tests on the device, trying to find vulnerabilities. They made sure its new features like the E Ink technology and the touch screen would not create new opportunities for hackers. Our Ledger Stax has been battle-tested against side-channel, fault, glitch, software attacks. It is as secure as any hardware wallet crafted by Ledger. Since the inception of Ledger, no device has ever been hacked.

Why is Ledger Stax stackable ?

Many of our users already have different Ledger devices, each serving various crypto or NFT purposes, and it’s the same with Ledger Stax. You can have one device to secure your NFT collections, another for your Ethereum-based assets, one as a public wallet, another as a never-touch long term storage, and so on. 

That is a fact: when using crypto on a regular basis, you end up with more than one Ledger. When you want to be extra cautious, you have a bonus Ledger just in case. When there is more than one person in the household using crypto, you end up with a family of Ledgers.

That’s why Ledger Stax is stackable. If you have more than one, stick them together for easy storage. The embedded magnets enhance maximum stackability of your devices, and create a very satisfying feeling we have worked on for a long time. Stack so your Ledgers are sleek and compact and you don’t damage the electronics in the device. It is the perfect feeling.

Why the E Ink technology?

Every user who has more than one Ledger faces the same problem: How do you know which device is which? Which one is for your day-to-day operations and which one is your backup device ? Which one is yours, and which one is your partner’s?

We want to enable people to keep track of which Ledger is for which use, in a fast and simple way. First, when you onboard the device, you will be able to name it. “My crypto”, “My NFTs”, “My portfolio”, whatever suits you best. Save your partner from mistakenly factory resetting the wrong device by entering the incorrect pin code three times in a row. If you have multiple Ledger Stax, you’ll be able to differentiate them over time based on the content inside. 

Second, the Ledger Stax is our first “NFT-native” hardware wallet. What this means is that you can customize the lock screen with your favorite NFT (or any image of your choice, if you don’t own NFTs). Name it, personalize it: make your Ledger Stax truly yours.

We wanted to give you the ultimate customization by having your name and favorite image always on the device, both on the spine and on the front screen. For that, E Ink technology was the perfect fit. It allows a curved screen that rolls around the device, so you can see your name and NFT on multiple surfaces. 

PLUS, because E Ink technology allows a low battery consumption whether your device is on or off. Once it is fully charged (its built-in lithium-ion battery counts 200 mAh) and powered off, it can show your name and image for months. Exact battery life depends on usage, device settings and other factors.

Why credit-card size?

Not so long ago, people would keep stacks of cash in their pocket, on the go, for their daily use. When money transactions went from physical to digital, everyone switched out cash for credit cards.

Crypto and NFTs are the new form of digital assets, and just like your stacks of cash or credit card, you need to be able to manage them on the go. Our Ledger Nanos can  connect with your laptop via a cable, and the Ledger Nano X connects with your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth®. You don’t ever have to be home to operate a transaction.

These are the benefits that the millions of crypto users have today, but what do the next hundreds of millions want? What’s the device they are going to use look like? What should this device feel like in your hand?

We know people need a device just as portable as our Ledger Nanos. It’s not too big, so your stack of crypto (how heavy it might be) fits in your pocket— just like a credit card.

Still, we wanted to elevate the product. It’s fair to say that people would enjoy a bigger screen on their Ledger, and that they’d want privacy to be sure of what they see and sign.

We are now offering maximal ease of use for our customers. A larger screen means we had to invent a bigger device. Ledger Stax has a 3.7 inch screen: our largest, most convenient display yet. It is a device with maximum portability (it is Bluetooth® enhanced and allows wireless charging), maximum convenience and maximum security. Built on trust, easy to use, and held in your hand.

Why the touchscreen?

The Ledger Nano line-up has a very distinctive feature: their two little buttons on the top of the device. Those allow users to navigate, verify and sign their transactions.

Alternatively with Ledger Stax, we wanted to make it more convenient for our users, without ever sacrificing security. The touchscreen allows just that: the easier it is for our users to read a transaction, the easier it is for them to actually understand what they are doing with complete safety. Crucial seconds are saved every time a user enters their pin code by directly tapping it onto the screen, or to review a transaction— all on a single view. Finally, it allows users to hold and slide to confirm a transaction.

So that’s what we created: a curved, E Ink, touch screen. Which, by the way, has never been done before on a consumer device. We went into a long series of tests to ensure that the entire front screen was “touchable”, that the UX experience was smooth, and the operation of the device was reliable. We made it.

With your Ledger Stax, you can read your transactions on our most convenient display yet, then hold and slide for security you can see, feel and touch.

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