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Blog posts, Product | 02/10/2021

WalletConnect now available on desktop with Ledger Live!

Ledger is proud to announce that WalletConnect, an open-source protocol used to securely connect mobile wallets to decentralized applications (DApps), is now integrated within the Ledger Live desktop version in addition to the mobile app. 

As a result, you are now able to use WalletConnect to link Ledger Live to a wide range of DApps, exchanges, tools, DeFi protocols… from all your devices.

Benefits For Ledger Users

If you have ever used a DApp, you may be aware of the difficulties that come with attempting to access one by using the funds stored in your cryptocurrency wallet. Doing so would often require you to install one of various browser extensions to interface with these DApps, or even move your funds into an entirely new wallet with a built-in DApp explorer – not ideal by any means. 

This was problematic both for mobile and desktop users, who were frequently left unable to securely access popular DApps due to a lack of compatibility or specific browser extensions, or were restricted to apps with native Ledger support.

To cope with this limit, we already integrated WalletConnect into the Ledger Live mobile version. Now, we are proud to announce that this integration has been extended to the Ledger Live desktop application.As a result, you are now able to interact from all your devices with a rapidly expanding DApp ecosystem without relying on external gateways and browser-based Ethereum wallets. These DApps include a variety of games, tools, social platforms, exchanges, and more!

Making DeFi More Secure

As an industry that grew by more than 2,000% in 2020 alone, DeFi has quickly been one of the most popular use-cases for cryptocurrencies. 

Some of the most prominent of these DeFi platforms include:

  • Decentralized exchanges: Uniswap, KyberSwap, 1inch, Curve, etc.
  • Decentralized marketplaces: LocalEthereum, OpenSea, Rarible, etc.
  • Portfolio managers: Totle, Zapper, Zerion, etc.
  • And much more!

With the inclusion of WalletConnect support to Ledger Live, you now have improved access to the DApp ecosystem from all your devices, while still benefiting from the uncompromising security of your Ledger hardware wallet. Any subsequent transactions will then be signed by your Ledger device securely within Ledger Live. It’s as simple as that.This complements the range of features already available within Ledger Live, such as the integration of Paraswap into Ledger Live that allows you to swap tokens on Ethereum without leaving your wallets. In addition, thanks to the release of our App Catalog section in Ledger Live, you now have direct access to a growing list of DeFi apps. Clicking on an app in this section will open a window that will give you access to the app’s interface.

Use it with Ledger Live 

To begin taking advantage of the new WalletConnect experience, you will need to download the latest version of the Ledger Live available here for both desktop and mobile . If you’ve already got the app installed, then be sure to update to the latest version. 

If you need any help getting started with WalletConnect, see our short guide, here.

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