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Starknet wallet

The right cryptocurrency wallet for your Starknet

Looking for a Starknet Wallet to buy and store your Starknet? Join 6+ million customers who trust
Ledger hardware wallets to securely store their crypto and use them on the day-to-day basis.

  • Mobile & Desktop App
  • Secured by Hardware Wallet
Secure your Starknet
Trusted by over 6 million customers
Starknet wallet
Ledger Secured Solution

How to secure your Starknet ?

Whether you’re looking to keep your crypto safe for long-term or manage them on a daily basis, Ledger has the right product for you.

Ledger hardware wallet

Ledger hardware wallet stores your private keys and signs transactions offline, making them resistant to malicious attacks and threats. Pair the Ledger crypto wallet with Ledger Live App to manage your Starknet on the go.

Ledger Live App

Ledger Live App is a gateway to manage your assets, checking your real-time balance, tracking transaction histories, and more. Another option is to choose a third-party wallet like Braavos or Argent X.

How to get a Starknet wallet?

Get a Ledger Nano

Get a Ledger Nano

Select and purchase a Ledger hardware wallet of your choice.

  • Beginner in the crypto world? Get started with Ledger Nano S Plus.
  • Prefer a Bluetooth connection? Try with Ledger Nano X.

Get Ledger Nano

Download Ledger Live

Download Ledger Live

Download and install the Ledger Live app in a couple of clicks on desktop and mobile.

Coupled with a Ledger, it makes the most secured wallet for your Starknet.

Start your Starknet journey securely

Start your Starknet journey securely

Add a Starknet account with a couple of clicks. Choose among different providers and easily manage your Starknet.

And not only Starknet. With Ledger Live, you can manage thousands of crypto and a large variety of NFTs.

Buy, Swap and Manage Starknet at your fingertips

Manage your Starknet

Manage your Starknet

With Ledger Live coupled with a Ledger, you can:

  • Securely execute transactions by physically validating them with your Ledger Hardware Wallet
  • Manage your Starknet as well as thousands of other crypto assets
  • Track your portfolio

*Buy, send/receive, swap, stake, and other crypto transaction services are provided by third-parties provider, which availability may vary based on jurisdiction/territory.

Buy Starknet

Buy Starknet

You can easily buy Starknet with a credit/debit card or bank transfer. Choose from a range of service providers (MoonPay, Paypal, Ramp, Sardine…) and select the option that works best for you.

Your Starknet will land safely in your Ledger Starknet Wallet.

Buy Starknet

Swap Starknet

Swap Starknet

Swapping allows you to explore different crypto assets, protect your Starknet from volatility, and diversify your portfolio.

You can easily swap Starknet through Ledger Live without using fiat currencies.

Swap Starknet

Choice of 6,000,000+ customers

Bertil A.


In order to secure cryptocurrencies, Ledger is the perfect tool.

Kevin L.


Simply a very elegant peace of hardware, with a gorgeous UI in the app.

James P.


ALL is good, all legal resources bought was as specified and compliant, party on.

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Starknet is a type of Validity-Rollup, also known as ZK-Rollup, which is decentralized and permissionless. This platform functions as an L2 network built on top of Ethereum, allowing any decentralized application (dApp) to attain limitless scalability for its computing needs, while maintaining the security and composability of the Ethereum network.

Starknet is widely regarded as a top-tier solution for scaling on the Ethereum network. This is evidenced by the fact that the project’s developers have secured financial support from the Ethereum Foundation, as well as reputable investors such as Sequoia, Paradigm, and Vitalik Buterin.

The StarkNet blockchain is capable of processing thousands of transactions as a batch, while only transmitting minimal summary data to the Mainnet.

Starknet has been developed by StarkWare, the team behind StarkEx and STARKs. StarkNet Contracts and the StarkNet OS are written in Cairo – supporting the deployment and scaling of any use case, whatever the business logic.

StarkNet recently announced the launch of its native token. Its rollup is currently in the Alpha testing phase.

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