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Product | 12/16/2019

Don’t get Hacked for Christmas

Keeping your data online is not secure

With smartphones and computers being used for safekeeping personal and critical information, they have become more and more of a target for hackers.

It has become painfully easy for an attacker to hack your device and obtain access to all your private data: from your photos to your cryptocurrency accounts. Even worse, this can be done without having physical access to your device and without you even noticing a thing. In short, only using your laptop or mobile phone puts your crypto and your sensitive data at risk.

Protecting your Crypto

At Ledger, our mission is to provide top notch security for your critical digital assets – whether it concerns crypto assets or access to your private accounts through U2F.

Ledger Nano X Christmas pack

We use the most high-end secure chips to keep the access to your crypto secured, giving you peace of mind. As a leader in crypto security, Ledger also provides support to the largest variety of crypto assets and as of recent allows you to passively earn crypto all while keeping them offline. You can read more about why we believe our products to be the best solution for safekeeping your crypto here.

On top of the gift of information, we’d like to share the gift of security through our Christmas Pack. For the price of a Ledger Nano X, you’ll get one Nano X plus one FREE Ledger Nano S! A great gift for your friends and family – or it could serve you as the perfect backup!

Taking a closer look into the hacks

All hacks shown previously had a vastly different attack path. One thing they all had in common: the devastating effect they had. Every single type of hack allowed the attacker to gain access to private information and data.

Let’s take a closer look into these different hacks – not only to better understand how it happened, but also to arm you against them.

#1 – Hey, check out this page!

Admittedly this one is very tough to see through: you might receive a text message from a friend or relative with a link to a page, with nothing appearing out of the ordinary. The moment you’d click this link, it’d be game over. An attacker would be able to obtain all information on your phone – and even receive any future text messages, rendering 2FA through SMS useless for protecting your cryptocurrencies, mail and social media accounts.

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#2 – A stranger is calling you.

Receiving a call from an unknown number isn’t uncommon. As seen in the video, it’s key to not accept any calls made through an application, however. As harmless as it may seem, answering it could have catastrophic results as it allows a hacker to modify your application to serve their nefarious goals – and obtain all data and accesses on your phone. 

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#3 – Do you have the password to the WiFi?

Connecting to another WiFi is a very common practice: you’re at a bar or just arrived at your hotel and quickly want to check your e-mail and messages. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to be certain that it’s a secure connection – an attacker can use this to gain all sensitive data you’ve once entered on your phone. From credit card information to access to your cryptocurrency accounts, all could be obtained by you simply connecting to a WiFi network.

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Hardware wallets: the best way to secure your crypto

All of the above mentioned cases can be fully mitigated by using a hardware wallet to secure your crypto assets.

This extra security layer can make the difference between losing all your crypto kept on your computer or smartphone and keeping them out of harm’s reach.

Don’t get hacked this Christmas – keep your crypto and private data secure.

Christmas pack

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