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Simply buy* and sell* Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and more crypto in just few steps in a secure environment.

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Easily exchange* one crypto for another to quickly diversify your assets and protect them from volatility.

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Grow* your portfolio without doing anything, by easily and securely staking or lending your coins.

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...all from the security of your hardware wallet

Our hardware wallets ensure the security and the ownership of your assets by protecting your private keys in an offline environment, even when you're managing your portfolio in Ledger Live.

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Demystifying decentralization one block at a time

Blockchain sounds scary.
But it’s simply how Crypto lives. Learn its principles, unravel its mysteries, better understand crypto and be free as a bird.


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Crypto Beginner's Guide

Basic basics

If the word crypto scares you a bit, welcome to the club. If you wish it didn’t, welcome to the class.


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