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Blog posts, Product | 06/10/2020

Buy Crypto in Ledger Live

Buy Crypto

Disclaimer: this service is operated by our partners Coinify and Wyre. Availability is subject to licensing applicable to our partners in each jurisdiction. If you encounter any transaction related issues, please reach out to Coinify. 

Some of you may already have cryptocurrency while others are still not sure how to start their crypto journey. It looks like a big step that needs to be taken, but from now on it’s actually just the simple press of a button away! 

Ledger is providing you with the ease of having everything crypto in one single place: the Ledger Live application. As of today, it is evolving into something bigger than ever before… you have now the option to buy crypto directly in Ledger Live!

No detours anymore: you only need one place to buy, secure and manage your crypto. 

Whether you love Bitcoin or another crypto, there’s one thing that everybody needs to go through – the process of buying it. It is one of the first steps for your journey into crypto – and it just got a lot easier. Once you bought your favorite crypto through Ledger Live, it will immediately be sent to the safety of your hardware wallet!

Stepping it up – Buy crypto

We have taken Ledger Live to its next level today! Becoming a true owner of your money has never been this easy, just log into Ledger Live and swap your euro or dollar for the cryptocurrency of your choice. Whether for the start of your crypto journey or increasing your crypto portfolio, the only thing you need to do is access Ledger Live on your smartphone or computer!  

This feature, operated by our partners Coinify and Wyre, is available directly in the Ledger Live application. Pick your favorite crypto among Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, USDT, Polkadot, Litecoin, Chainlink, MakerDao, Dogecoin, Uniswap, Compound and many more. Find out more about options, eligibility and payments methods here.

You just need to follow the steps and you will receive your crypto shortly. Thanks to the Coinify integration, the transaction is simple and once received you will be in charge of your own crypto through the safety of your Ledger hardware wallet. Sure enough, before making the purchase you will be asked to verify the receiving address on your Ledger device.

Together, we made it easier for you to start with crypto! The only things that you will need is: a Ledger hardware wallet and the Ledger Live app. Already got yours? Then you’re good to go! Connect your hardware wallet and buy your cryptocurrencies in Ledger Live. 

The Power of Ledger Live

Take back control and become the true owner of your money with the top notch security that Ledger can provide. 

We want to improve the user experience everyday and are thrilled that the new buying feature is here. You will no longer have to take any detours to buy your coins. Don’t forget that Ledger Live is packed with multiple great features for you to enjoy.

The application makes it easier for you to manage everything and is making crypto more convenient for all of us. You can easily manage 28 coins and more than 1800 tokens in the security of your Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S

It’s important that your cryptos are safe and that you can easily manage them, but what if we tell you that you can even earn rewards in Ledger Live? Have a look at the staking possibilities that are implemented – these options enable you to receive crypto rewards without doing anything! The only thing you will need is some Tron, Tezos, Algorand, Cosmos or Polkadot.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey today with the all in one app – Ledger Live.

Be the only one in charge of your crypto. You have more power than you think

Frequently Asked Questions:  

  • What assets are supported?
    You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USDT, Polkadot, Litecoin, Stellar, Chainlink, MakerDao, Dogecoin, Uniswap, Compound and Celsius.
  • Which countries are eligible for the Buy?
    Buy feature is not supported by Coinify in every country. You can check the full list here.
  • What if I don’t want to use this feature?
    Nothing changes in Ledger Live if you don’t use the feature.
  • Do I need to do a KYC?
    Yes, you need to do a KYC with our partner Coinify. Due to regulation, KYC is mandatory to buy crypto.

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