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Blog posts, Product | 06/23/2020

Into the Cosmos with Ledger

Cosmos a new staking option in ledger live

We ‘re excited to introduce a new staking option with a new cryptocurrency joining Ledger Live. Please give it up for Cosmos (ATOM), which you can now manage and stake directly in our application. Late 2019, we integrated Tezos to give our users the opportunity to grow their assets. This was soon followed by Tron, and today Cosmos joins the ranks.

Expanding the barriers of staking 

Today, we’re thrilled to provide an additional option of staking your crypto in Ledger Live! Besides Tezos (XTZ) or Tron (TRX), you can now start to stake your Cosmos (ATOM) and grow your assets. Also called the internet of blockchains, Cosmos aims to solve today’s hardest blockchain problems. 

This new integration gives you an extra option to grow your assets in Ledger Live. This is the third Proof of Stake (PoS) coin that you can use directly manage in our app. This gives you the opportunity to earn crypto rewards without doing anything, as well as easily and securely managing your ATOM. This new integration brings the total amount of coins that can be managed simultaneously in Ledger Live to 26, in addition to the 1500 tokens that are also supported through the app. You only need one place to securely manage and grow your crypto – no need to use several platforms anymore. 

There are other possibilities to stake your assets (on some exchanges or software wallets), but these platforms do not provide the same level of security and choice as we do. Try it out yourself and experience the safety and functionality of full ownership of your coins. As the expression goes, not your keys, not your coins. By using a Ledger hardware wallet, you can securely be the sole owner of your ATOMs through the most popular hardware wallet on the market.

More about Cosmos

Cosmos claims that it is not a blockchain, but rather a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains. These are each powered by Byzantine Fault-Tolerance (BFT) consensus such as the Tendermint consensus.

The mission of Cosmos is to solve today’s hardest blockchain problems: scalability, usability and interoperability. The network allows other blockchains to communicate with each other and do that as efficiently and fast as possible.

The token that is being used in the Cosmos network is known as an ATOM, and it plays a huge role in the network. Users can choose to stake them – and as of today you can do this directly in Ledger Live to receive your reward based on the amount that is being staked. 

Try it out yourself and stake your Cosmos today, with the help of Ledger Live. You can learn more about managing your Atoms with a Ledger device in this article and see how to start delegating your Atoms here.

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