Introducing Ledger Academy

10/23/2019 | Blog posts

We believe knowledge is power. The more we can learn about the underpinnings of digital assets and blockchain technology, the more we can better understand the cryptosphere — its origins, its significance and its potential applications — as a community. 

This is why we created Ledger Academy to be a trusted resource to include articles, infographics and videos for our community to learn everything there is to know about digital assets and the security protecting those assets. 

Ledger Academy

How is Ledger Academy different?

In a world of excessive information overload, we sought to build a simple and digestible education resource — Ledger Academy — that addresses the many topics both crypto newbies and seasoned hodlers strive to understand as the world of crypto continues to evolve and mature.

As we continue to build this robust resource, we will add more content every month and welcome our community to weigh-in on topics they are interested in learning more about so we can better design the Academy to fuel their intellectual interests and crypto curiosities!

We invite you to explore the Academy