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If you’re looking to learn about blockchain, crypto or security, you’re in the right place. Ledger Academy helps you get simple answers to all your questions, from covering the basics of blockchain to teaching you how to use your hardware wallet. Ready to explore?

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Beginner's Guides

Crypto basics

Crypto basics

6 articles

Jump into the universe of cryptocurrency and blockchain. A beginner’s guide taking you from newbie to mastery.

Security and ownership

Security and ownership

4 articles

Learn security and ownership rules of thumb. A beginner's guide to reach total control and achieve freedom over your assets.

Discover Ledger

Discover Ledger

4 articles

Discover how our hardware and software ecosystem allows you to be the only one in charge of your money. A beginner's guide to help you reach true financial freedom.

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5 themes to guide you through the crypto-world


Everything you need to know about blockchain technology, explained simply.

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All the crypto basics you need in one place.

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Hardware wallet

Look here to better understand hardware wallets: why you need them to secure your assets, what are Ledger specificities and how to get started.

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The right place to get general security principles with Ledger and better understand what's Ledger security is about.

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Learn how to use your Ledger hardware wallets, Ledger Live and more with our walkthourghs and tutorial videos.

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