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How To Earn Bitcoin with Ledger’s Referral Program

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— Ledger’s referral program allows you to earn Bitcoin while you secure your assets through self-custody. 

— The referral program rewards both you and your friend $10 in Bitcoin each time you refer a friend to Ledger. 

— Ledger’s unique ecosystem enables an end-to-end experience that allows you to buy, swap, and stake your assets while securing your private keys offline.

— Ledger’s ecosystem is the baseline for secure self-custody – our referral scheme rewards both new and existing users for embracing it.

Crypto users need both security and ease of use when engaging with digital assets. So Ledger created an ecosystem of products and services that enables you to self-custody your cryptocurrencies while also offering you the best possible experience of engaging with your digital assets. 

Blockchain’s fundamental purpose is to provide a means to control your digital value autonomously, and without a middleman. Be it a real-world bank or crypto trading platform, nobody should be able to stand between you and your hard-earned value – and the importance of self-custody has never been clearer than it is today.

But being your own bank comes with great responsibility – not least how you manage the private keys for your blockchain address. Beyond simply being in possession of your private keys, users also need to consider exactly how those keys are stored

Software crypto wallets may well store and manage your sensitive data, but as an interface that’s always connected to the internet, they simply can’t offer true security for your private keys. Hacks are a risk faced by every crypto user, and that’s why the only truly secure way to store your private keys is completely offline. 

Security In The Ledger Ecosystem

The Ledger ecosystem is at the frontier of crypto security. Ledger devices give you secure ownership of your assets, by securing your private keys offline. No more trusting third-party platforms like exchanges; no more placing your trust in vulnerable software wallets. Ledger devices provide a secure, offline environment where your private keys will remain completely out of reach for everyone but you.

Along with the hardware wallet, the Ledger ecosystem also encompasses the Ledger Live app. This gives you the ultimate end-to-end experience that allows you to buy and swap crypto, stake digital assets and engage with NFTs through a secure gateway – all of this while you secure your private keys completely offline. 

Rewarding Advocates of Secure Self-Custody

However you’re using your valuable digital assets, secure self-custody should be the foundation of your activity – and Ledger is on a mission to bring that security to as many people as possible. That’s where Ledger’s referral program comes in.

What Is the Ledger Referral Program?

Refer a friend is Ledger’s referral program that lets you invite friends to buy a Ledger Nano – and you’ll both receive $10 in Bitcoin once they complete the purchase.

With the Ledger Nano wallets, you can not only secure your coins but also manage and now earn Bitcoin. Create your Refer a Friend account and follow the step-by-step instructions of our manual.

You will get your unique referral link which you can share with your friends. It’s a win-win opportunity where you empower your friends and family to take control of their funds through self-custody and earn Bitcoin as your reward. 

How to Claim your Referral Reward

In the V2 referral program, you and your friend (i.e. the referrer and the referee) both will get $10 in Bitcoin. Once your friend places an order and purchases a Ledger Nano, you can claim your Bitcoins after 30 days. Follow the steps below to claim your referral reward:

  1. Click Claim your reward.
  2. Add your new or existing Bitcoin wallet account where the reward will be sent. 

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 

Refer a Friend Checklist

We’ve compiled the perfect checklist to help you benefit from this opportunity.

  • First things first – To be eligible to participate in the Referral Program, you need to own a Ledger Nano. Click here to buy a Ledger Nano. 
  • Ledger Live –  If you have just purchased a Ledger Nano, set up your device with Ledger Live. 
  • ETH address – Make sure to have an Ethereum address to create your account. To make it a seamless experience for you, there is no cap of the minimum amount of ETH required in order to participate in the program. 
  • Link validity – Once you receive the referral link, make sure to use it within 7 days as it expires after that. 

Earn Bitcoin and Enjoy Secure Self-Custody

There you have it: help your family and friends to start their journey of self-custody, and earn rewards for both you and them.

Want to know more about Ledger’s mission and products? Check out Ledger Academy, Ledger’s trusted educational platform where we educate you on all aspects of blockchain, Web3 – and staying secure in this fast-evolving environment.

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