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Blog posts, Product | 07/29/2021 & Zerion now available in Ledger Live! & Zerion

At Ledger, we unlock the crypto world by adding more and more coins, tokens, NFTs and Decentralized Applications into Ledger Live*. Today, we are proud to include two new dApps available in the Ledger Live Apps Catalog: and Zerion.

Adding new horizons to Ledger Live.

We just added two dApps, and Zerion, to make your Ledger Live experience as complete and convenient as possible. Both releases will provide you with privileged access to the world of Ethereum & DeFi.

You can find these new dApps within the Ledger Live Apps Catalog. This Catalog (in the “Discover” section) gathers all dApps currently and soon to be supported. Clicking on an app in this section will open the app’s interface. We do not manage the dApps, but rather give you secure access to them. the ideal place to display your NFTs. allows you to explore the world of NFTs. Here, you can freely display your NFTs. Besides, unlike a crypto exchange, doesn’t hold your assets on your behalf. You own them thanks to the power of cryptography on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Zerion: the easiest way to manage your DeFi portfolio.

Zerion is the easiest way to build and manage your entire DeFi portfolio from one place in a non-custodial way. This dApp enables you to explore the DeFi market, access thousands of ERC20 tokens, liquidity pools, vaults and to earn interest on stablecoins. Zerion unlocks the world of open finance, for all investors regardless of their crypto knowledge or experience.  

Why access your dApps through Ledger Live?

Benefits are two-fold:

Firstly, you are in total control of your digital assets. Your private keys remain tightly secured within your Nano hardware wallet, guaranteeing a hack-proof experience.

Secondly, while the current crypto ecosystem is strewn with dApps, exchanges, protocols, etc, Ledger Live is an ergonomic app with all you need to access a galaxy of Web3 services, under the same roof.  

Stay tuned, as more dApps are coming soon!

The Ledger Live adventure is just beginning. Our ambition is to become your secure gateway to the Web3 universe. In addition to those already supported (ParaSwap, Zerion and, we are gradually releasing additional dApps to enrich your experience. On Ledger Apps Catalog, they are marked as “coming soon” and include:

  • DeversiFi. Trade through a self-custody decentralized exchange on Ethereum layer 2.
  • Lido. Stake any amount of Eth to Eth2 and earn daily staking rewards. 
  • Aave. Lend or Borrow your crypto through a decentralized lending protocol and stay in control of your funds.
  • 1inch. Swap crypto via a DeFi/DEX aggregator on Ethereum. 
  • Compound. Lend and borrow your crypto via a completely decentralized and open-source protocol. 
Ledger Live Catalog

We will keep adding more and more services into Ledger Live, always with one goal in mind: to become your safe gateway to the Web3 galaxy.  So… Stay tuned, and keep an eye on what’s going on in the Ledger Live “Discover” section. You might be surprised!

*Disclaimer: Swap, lend, and other crypto transaction services are provided by third-party partners. Ledger provides no advice or recommendations on use of these third-party services.

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