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Blog posts, Company | 07/19/2021

Ledger becomes your Secure Gateway to Web3

Ledger Live Security

By Charles Hamel, VP Product at Ledger.

Those paying attention noticed something new when we launched ParaSwap inside Ledger Live a couple weeks ago. ParaSwap is now available on our newly launched Apps Catalog in Ledger Live “Discover” section. 

This recent launch highlights our strategy to become the most secure gateway to the Web3 galaxy with a growing range of applications for our users, all accessible within  Ledger Live.

Update Ledger Live today and take a look for yourself!

Ledger has been building the best hardware devices for cryptocurrency and digital assets since 2017. Originally, the use case for Ledger devices was simple: send your crypto to your Ledger wallet, and keep it offline. But increasingly, we want the security of a hardware wallet right alongside convenience when managing our digital assets. Whether we want to  buy, sell, swap, grow, display an NFT, play a blockchain game, etc, we don’t have to sacrifice either convenience or security.

The security model of Ledger means you can have the convenience of a software wallet with the security of a hardware wallet. With Ledger, not only are your keys always offline, but you can be sure that WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU SIGN. This is especially important now that complex applications are being built on blockchains. With Ledger,  you can interact with these new decentralized applications (DApps) in full control. This is thanks to Ledger’s open source platform, allowing developers to expose their service within Ledger Live as well as write applications for the Nano hardware devices.

This is in stark contrast to what is happening today when interacting with DApps on the Web.. Everywhere you can see is a little “CONNECT” button in the upper right which basically asks you, “Which one of these 9 software wallets would you like to use?”. Pfft. Far too many people are relying on insecure software wallets when using DeFi, NFTs, etc, and if you’re like us then you are hearing the horror stories of people getting hacked or phished every day. Others are taking the extra step of connecting their software wallet to their Ledger, but then they are often signing their transactions “blind”, meaning they can’t properly see the transactions they are approving on their Ledger when they approve them! ?‍♂️

Ledger Nano + Ledger Live is the solution to bring you both security and convenience in the world of Web3.  Ledger is working directly with your favorite Web3 apps/DApps to bring secure signing to the world of Web3.  

In short:

No need to connect manually

No need for wallet extensions

No blind signing. You are in control

Hold & Use your assets, all within Live

Ledger Live and Ledger Nano.

This is just the beginning. 

We can’t wait to show you what’s next. Let us know what DApps you’d like to see next in Ledger Live (just tweet with #LedgerLiveApp). If you are a DApp developer, read our dedicated developer content on our new Developer Portal. We would love to have you with us.

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