SIGN UP NOW: Our Ledger-powered Crypto Life “CL” Card is coming!

12/09/2021 | Blog posts

Things to know:

We are proud to announce the Crypto Life card, powered by Ledger – in partnership with Baanx, linked to your Ledger Live* app and enabling you to live a full crypto life.

The CL card is the first card you can link to your Ledger Nano, giving you the ability to spend your assets stored on your Nano.

You do not need to convert your crypto to fiat and miss out on market returns, your crypto is only converted when you spend.

You may not want to even spend your crypto – so now you can borrow against your crypto and spend interest free for 30 days.

You can deposit your paycheck directly into the card, deciding how you want your money split into your favorite crypto.


Why a Ledger-powered Crypto Debit Card?

2021 has been an outstanding year for the crypto industry, with the global crypto market cap growing more than five-fold in a single year. Beyond figures, this trend highlights one key fact: cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives.

Yet, until today most people have not had secure instruments to instantly manage and spend their cryptocurrencies in real-life. As you’re about to see, the CL Card** expands the number of ways to not only get paid in cryptocurrency, but to transact with it anywhere, on a daily basis.

Securely spend & manage your crypto in real-life

The CL Card, powered by Ledger, has been built in partnership with Baanx, a leading fintech company that develops cutting-edge financial technologies. Thanks to this combined expertise, the CL Card will reduce unnecessary friction, allowing you to fully live a “crypto life” through your everyday purchases. The card offers a wide range of innovative features:

Click here to join the waiting list for the CL Card and refer your friends to have a chance to get a free physical card and early access!

Seize the Ledger advantage

You’re probably aware that Ledger is the leading secure platform in the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, with ambitions to provide security for the entirety of the blockchain-enabled ecosystem. But we facilitate much more than securely storing private keys. We provide you with the freedom to manage your coins and NFTs through your Ledger Live app and access a growing list of third-party DApps in your “Discover” section

The CL Card, powered by Ledger, is a major milestone in our journey to become your platform into the fast-emerging world of crypto. For you, it’s a new step towards more financial freedom, enabling you to securely spend and manage your digital assets in your real, daily life.

Crypto is quickly becoming mainstream. Make sure you have the right tools to be part of the revolution.

*Disclaimer: Exchange, lend, and other crypto transaction services are provided by third-party partners. Ledger provides no advice or recommendations on use of these third-party services.

**Disclaimer: The CL card will be available at different stages depending on the territory. UK, France and Germany will be the first countries in early 2022concerned, followed by the United States. Some of the features, such as a crypto credit line and crypto paycheck, will be available later next year.