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Misc. | 06/15/2021

Where to Spend Bitcoin?

Key takeaways

  • The demand for Bitcoin has surged rapidly in the past year. While people commonly use Bitcoin as an investment asset, it is also possible to pay for products and services using Bitcoin.
  • As Bitcoin becomes increasingly popular, there is a surge in the number of online merchants and brick and mortar stores that accept Bitcoin payments.
  • Today, it is easier than ever to spend Bitcoins. In this article, we take you through a number of places where you can shop with Bitcoin.

What’s the point of wealth accumulation if only you’re never going to spend it on anything? Where do you plan to take it? Surely Bitcoin has grown significantly popular in the last 10 years, but we doubt they still accept it in heaven.

As Bitcoin enthusiasts, the idea of selling BTC surely breaks our hearts. But spending is different than selling. By spending Bitcoin, you get something valuable in return, something you can enjoy. That’s quite unlike selling, where you get poor old cash in exchange for the shimmery shiny Bitcoin.

So, how do you spend Bitcoin? 

Five years back, you may have hit a dead-end even before you started exploring your options to spend your Bitcoins. Things have changed since. Today, we can put together an unending list of places and platforms where you can just scan a QR or tap a button and pay in Bitcoin.

Where to Pay with Bitcoin?

Like we said, in 2021, there is a long list of places and platforms where you can just walk in or sign up and pay for services and products using Bitcoin. No questions asked, no looks given. 

So, let’s see all the major places you can pay at with Bitcoin and relish the product or service you seek.

Buy a Car with Bitcoin

We don’t know if there’s a better way to start this than to mention Tesla. Only a few weeks after Tesla bought its first bunch of Bitcoins, the electric car manufacturer also announced that people can now buy a Tesla by paying in Bitcoin. You know, just in case you made a buck in Bitcoin and would want to gift yourself a car, this is probably the best option.

Travel, Stay, Eat, Repeat

We know, Tesla is a bit over the top for most of us but that was a cool place to start.

Now, how about booking an airplane ticket to your favorite place, checking in at a hotel, and paying for food and beverage… all using Bitcoin? Sound fun, doesn’t it? It’s totally doable.

There are multiple airlines and platforms that allow you to book flight tickets using Bitcoin but one of the biggest names in this category is Virgin Airlines. Others such as CheapAir, AirTreks, and Surf Air also allow you to book airline tickets with Bitcoin.

Once you fly to the place where you want to be, you will need a hotel to stay. And while Expedia no longer accepts Bitcoin, a crypto-focused travel application Travala allows users to book hotels listed on Expedia by paying in Bitcoin. Given that Expedia is one of the largest online travel platforms, you can book a hotel almost anywhere in the world with Bitcoin.

Now, are you hungry or want some caffeine to make you feel less tired after all the traveling? What better than to go to a nearby Starbucks and buy yourself a grand coffee with Bitcoin! Restaurants like Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, and the likes also have an on and off relationship with cryptocurrencies. So, it won’t hurt to check if your nearest outlet accepts Bitcoin. 

Just in case they don’t accept Bitcoin, you can always pre-plan your travel and get a Bitcoin debit or credit card powered by Mastercard or Visa. And tadaa! You can now pay with your Bitcoins everywhere. It doesn’t matter if the merchant accepts Bitcoin.

Time to plan a Bitcoin vacay. What do you say?

Do Some Good Deeds — Donate

Offering support to organizations that are working for the greater good of people is always an amazing idea to spend your Bitcoin. Extremely popular and helpful platforms like Wikipedia and The Internet Archive mostly depend on community support. You can donate to these platforms using Bitcoin. 


Whatever we mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous other outlets and online platforms that have started accepting Bitcoin payments. From buying an ultra HD computer monitor on to getting yourself the most trendy pair of glasses on Tens.

You can also use Bitcoin to buy a t-shirt on Hiptee, bet on games on platforms like NitrogenSports or Sportsbet, enjoy a casino game on FortuneJack and the likes, or buy yourself an interesting game at Key4Coins.

There are a whole lot more options if you’re willing to explore. So, what’s stopping you. It’s time to treat yourself by spending some of that Bitcoin you hold.

How to Pay with Bitcoin?

Now that you know where all you can actually spend your Bitcoin, it’s time to know the easy way to pay with Bitcoins.

You can make Bitcoin payments either using the QR code or a wallet address provided by the merchant you are paying. Most merchants accept payments through a platform such as Coinbase or BitPay.

All you need to do is scan their QR code as you do for payments through Google Pay or other payment platforms, enter the amount, and confirm the transaction. Or, you can copy-paste the wallet address of the merchant and confirm the transaction just like you do for any crypto transaction using your wallet.

Time to Spend Bitcoin

Honestly, we think spending Bitcoin is a guilty pleasure. We held our Bitcoins through every dip, even when we had a sinking feeling in our hearts. And today, when Bitcoin is widely known and people are dying to own some, we are here spending Bitcoins with the Thug Life music playing in the background. We know it will grow further, but still… why not spend it? We deserve this day. We deserve the pleasure even if it comes with the guilt of parting ways with a part of our valuable asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many brick-and-mortar stores and online merchants that accept Bitcoin payments. If you look, you can buy anything from a coffee to a travel package using Bitcoin. So, today, the possibilities of spending Bitcoin are truly endless.

Amazon does not accept Bitcoin as of now, but there are multiple services that allow you to spend your Bitcoins on Amazon gift cards and products. Moon is a browser extension that allows you to spend your Bitcoin via Lightning Network on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other places. If you’re looking to buy gift cards on Amazon, you can use services like

You can spend Bitcoins across many merchants throughout the country. If you own a Mastercard or Visa Bitcoin credit card, you can confidently swipe it almost anywhere throughout the country. Besides, you can also book hotels listed on Expedia through Travala and pay in Bitcoins.

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