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Blog posts, Thought leadership | 08/04/2020

You Don’t Need to be an Expert to Manage Crypto

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To those unfamiliar with them, getting your first Bitcoin and managing them might seem like a daunting task. However, the world of cryptocurrencies has come a long way since its inception, becoming more and more friendly for newcomers. At Ledger, we’ve equally worked hard on enhancing the simplicity of managing your crypto.

The Start of Our Journey

We’ve all been there. You heard about this thing called Bitcoin and started reading some more about it. Suddenly, there’s an overwhelming amount of high-level terms that make it sound like the product of science-fiction. Blockchain, private keys, mnemonic phrases, hierarchical deterministic – and the list goes on. You decide to take a break and let your brain recuperate a bit. You’re still curious about Bitcoin, but you really don’t know where to begin…

After your break you decide “Ah whatever, I’ll just try and buy some Bitcoin and I’ll figure it out”. Suddenly, you are surprised by how simple it was to get your hands on some Bitcoin. You still don’t really understand what a blockchain is, but you were able to get started on your crypto journey all the same – and you are now the proud owner of some Bitcoins.

Interacting with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has gotten a lot easier over the years. Gone are the times where you’d need to go through complicated processes to start managing your own money. There are so many different easy-to-use options to buy your crypto and to store them. User-interfaces have been enhanced to great extent to welcome those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies to our community.

Sure enough, you no longer need to be an expert in cryptocurrencies to start owning and managing it. So why would you want to own crypto assets like Bitcoin?

Financial Freedom, Accessible to Everyone!

The next day, a childhood friend of yours in Japan is in need of some money. It’s not a large amount – just $50. You decide you’ll wire him the money to help him out… only to find out that your bank doesn’t allow you to do it.

Then you remember – you had just gotten some Bitcoin. You set up the transfer and are in awe at how quickly you were able to send the $50 to your friend. He already received it in just a few minutes, while he’s on the other side of the world! To top it all off, the process was so simple and smooth. What you weren’t able to do with traditional money, you suddenly could with Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies could serve an enormous purpose. They remove any constraints the dollars (euros, yen, etc.) in our current financial system are subject to. There is no person, entity or other intermediary involved. Suddenly, you are in complete control over your own hard-earned money, with limitless possibilities. No one can tell you what you can or cannot do with your own wealth. The management of your funds is now entirely in your own hands. On top of this, transactions only take moments to complete – even international ones!

With the increased simplicity of joining the world of cryptocurrencies, this form of financial independence is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. Indeed, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are rapidly becoming more popular and more and more people are joining the movement. While this low entry barrier is quite important to allow everyone to make their first step, it’s also vital to learn how to best keep your valuable crypto assets secure. 

A Simple and Secure Path to Financial Independence

That’s where we come in. At Ledger, we provide you with the path to financial freedom. Our hardware wallets together with Ledger Live provide an easy, secure and accessible entry-point into the wondrous world of cryptocurrencies. 

When you own cryptocurrencies, what you really own is a private key. The private key is comparable to the login details to your bank account. Whoever has control over a private key has the freedom to spend the associated funds however they please. Our devices make sure that you securely own this piece of vital data, meaning you can enjoy your financial freedom without any worry. In short: our solution helps to empower you with total control over your own hard-earned money.

On top of this, we’ve made sure that your crypto experience will be a breeze. With our user-friendly interface, you don’t need to be an expert to successfully manage your crypto. All you need to securely manage your crypto? One device, one application – that’s it!

The application – Ledger Live – is a simple, convenient yet powerful tool to provide you with an incredibly smooth and secure experience.  It’s the single app from which you do everything. Since its inception, we’ve enhanced it with great new features. You can now buy cryptocurrencies directly through it with our partner Coinify, giving you an easy-to-use and secure starting point of your crypto experience. On top, you can even earn more cryptocurrencies passively through the staking service we provide in Ledger Live for several assets! All of this takes place in one central spot, for your convenience. This makes sure that you’ll have total control over your funds, all through a single application.

At Ledger, we provide you with the tools to have a successful crypto experience and start your path to financial freedom. No one else has access to your cryptocurrencies – you are in total control over them. Aside from our solution being simple and effective to use, we’re helping everyone to take their first steps and learn more about cryptocurrencies through the Ledger Academy. Anyone can join in on this journey – and we’re here to help you along the path to truly owning your own money.

With Ledger, you have more power than you think.

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