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“Ledger Connect” Browser Extension is Coming Soon: Sign Up For The Beta!

Ledger Connect

Things to know:

Our mission is to become your easiest and most secure way to experience Web3. That’s why we just announced the upcoming launch of “Ledger Connect”, our new and multi-chain browser extension for Safari that will greatly simplify your crypto life.

“Ledger Connect” will enable you to seamlessly connect your Ledger hardware wallet to your favorite Web3 app without the need for third-parties wallet dependencies. “Ledger Connect” will also add a new security layer called “Web3 Check.” When a Web3 app will look suspicious, “Ledger Connect” will automatically warn you about potential security risks.

At launch, “Ledger Connect” will be compatible with the Ledger Nano X and Mobile Safari. Support for the Ledger Nano S Plus and Desktop will come later. “Ledger Connect” will be compatible with both ETH and SOL at beta launch before gradually expanding to other protocols. 

We greatly value your opinion. You can already sign up for the Beta test now by clicking here. The registration will start soon. ​​Participating in the beta test requires a Ledger Nano X and an iOS smartphone (iOS 15.4+).

Seamlessly connect your Ledger to Web3

“Ledger Connect” is our upcoming crypto wallet extension that will enable you to connect to Web3 apps from anywhere with your Ledger Nano X to prevent hacks, scams, and keep your crypto and NFTs secure.

Simply put, no more third-parties wallet dependencies will be needed to securely dive into Web3 through the Ledger ecosystem. It’s the first browser extension that has been designed from the outset to work with a Ledger hardware wallet. 

Besides bringing convenience, Ledger Connect will add a new security layer called “Web3 Check.” When a Web3 app will look suspicious, “Ledger Connect” will automatically warn you about the risk and potential security issues linked to past scams, hacked websites, and fraudulent smart contracts. More checks will be added in the future to make sure you enjoy the safest Web3 experience.

This will only be a preliminary security check. We will always advise you to do your own research before signing to authorize a transaction.

“Ledger Connect” will support multiple Blockchains

“Ledger Connect” is a multi-chain browser wallet extension supporting both ETH and SOL at launch. It is the only browser extension to support both blockchains and will gradually be compatible with other protocols after the launch. 

“Ledger Connect” will also automatically switch to the right network when connecting to a Web3 app. For instance, if the app is working on ETH, the extension will automatically detect it and connect your ETH account. This automatic blockchain detection feature won’t be available at launch, but coming soon after.

Your new browser extension will simply ask you to press on a “Ledger Connect” button when connecting your Ledger wallet with a Web3 app, just like this one:

“Ledger Connect” won’t have an asset management feature, which means that you won’t manage your funds/accounts directly from your browser extension and you will still need your Ledger Live companion app to manage your accounts. You will be able to connect to a Web3 website and “sign” transactions from your hardware wallet.

For Charles Hamel, VP of Product at Ledger, “With each step, Ledger is continuing to build the most secure Web3 ecosystem. Ledger Connect is easy, smart and safe. Easy because it connects your wallet directly to your browser, with no hackable software wallet in the middle. Smart because it only requires one extension for multiple blockchains. And safe thanks to our new feature that warns you about potential risks before you sign on a device and that we call “Web3 check.””

Sign up for the beta now!

The steps to sign up are as follows:

1- Go to or

2- Sign up for a beta invite with your Apple ID email address.

3- Wait a few weeks to receive an email invitation with a link to join TestFlight

4- If TestFlight is not installed on your iPhone, go to the App Store to download the app.

5- Accept the invitation received by email to install the beta app.

6- Open the beta app and follow the instructions to add the Connect extension to Safari.

7- Please send us your feedback with the link we will provide you.

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