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Blog posts, Company | 05/28/2024

Ledger Stax Now Shipping: A Message From Ledger’s CEO Pascal Gauthier

Dear Ledger Community, 

Today marks a special day for Ledger. I am excited to announce that the shipping of our next-generation device, Ledger Stax™, has begun for pre-order customers. The first pre-orders will be shipped over the coming weeks, and new orders will be globally available in Summer 2024. I will share further details at Bitcoin Nashville 2024 on July 26th, so stay tuned. 

Ledger Stax was designed by the godfather of the iPod Tony Fadell and is unprecedented in many ways. It is the first secure touchscreen; the first time a touchscreen user interface has been driven by a secure element chip, which is crucial for crypto security. It’s also the first curved E-Ink display ever built, the first display using organic semiconductor materials on plastic substrates rather than silicon materials on glass, and the only screen made at less than 100 degrees. 

With our Ledger Live companion app, Ledger Stax is the most intuitive wallet for securing, owning, and managing your digital value. Ledger Stax is also compatible with a wide range of apps you can explore in Ledger Live’s Discover section. It’s a major step towards making digital ownership easily accessible to anyone, and not just the tech-savvy.

This first-of-its-kind display was much more difficult to bring to mass production than anticipated, and the delivery of Ledger Stax is late as a result. I would like to thank all our pre-order customers who stayed with us for this long. I hope you love your Ledger Stax and the extras we added to your box, and can’t wait to see how you customize your screen. 

In this podumentary, we pull back the curtains and explore the story of this first of its kind product, a journey that required innovation, collaboration and perseverance:

Over the past year we have built a world-class, global, and secure supply chain, with distribution capabilities in over 200 countries and 10 languages, that will continue to drive our future. In addition to Tony Fadell, I want to thank our manufacturing partners Foxconn, E Ink Corporation, DKE, our team in Vierzon, France, and the Ledger team’s incredible dedication throughout the building process.

Within the next few years, the crypto revolution will reshape how hundreds of millions of people own and manage all value, but as I’ve said on multiple occasions, our smartphones and laptops lack fundamental security features to let us onboard this era. People need intuitive devices combining security, ownership, and privacy to manage their digital value with control, free from compromise.  

We deeply appreciate your support and patience as we ship Ledger Stax and are excited to bring this breakthrough device to you.

Pascal Gauthier

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