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Blog posts, Product | 03/07/2024

You Can Now Use Your Ledger With MetaMask Mobile

Things to know:

– Ledger provides enhanced security for MetaMask Mobile users navigating Web3. 

– You can now connect your Ledger Nano X with your MetaMask Mobile app via Bluetooth and import your Ledger accounts into your MetaMask account. Your Ledger Nano X will then be used to sign transactions from MetaMask.

– Please note that to begin with, you can synchronize one Ledger Account with MetaMask Mobile.

We’re excited that Ledger support is coming to MetaMask Mobile, bringing enhanced security to the MetaMask Mobile experience, and offering Ledger users more options to easily and securely self-custody their assets.

Until now, only the MetaMask Desktop browser extension was compatible with your Ledger wallet. Now, you can connect your MetaMask Mobile app to your Ledger Nano X via Bluetooth and import your Ledger Live accounts seamlessly. Your Ledger hardware wallet keeps your private keys offline and always protected, and your Ledger will still be required to approve transactions.

Carl Anderson, VP of Engineering at Ledger, says “MetaMask and Ledger are self-custody maxis, so it made sense for us to partner up and bring web3 users a great mix of smooth experience and best-in-class security.”

Pairing your Ledger Nano X to the MetaMask mobile app using Bluetooth is easy. All you need is to:

  1. Open the MetaMask mobile app and navigate to Accounts.
  2. Tap Add account or hardware wallet.
  3. Tap Add hardware wallet.

You can click here to learn more about connecting your Ledger Nano X to the MetaMask Mobile app and importing your Ledger account. 

Please note that to begin with, you can sync one Ledger Account with MetaMask Mobile. Since this feature requires a Bluetooth connection, Ledger Nano S Plus isn’t compatible with the MetaMask Mobile app. 

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