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Blog posts, Tech | 06/20/2023

Kick-start your Embedded App project with the Ledger Framework

Tl;Dr: Ledger now has a complete framework to quickstart your Embedded App development project and bring Ledger security to your Blockchain.

You can now use a complete framework to quick start the development of Embedded Apps from compilation to testing. It is simple to use on all operating systems and for all Ledger devices. The Framework consists of an App boilerplate, an app builder, CI workflows, Speculos (our OS simulator) and a test framework called Ragger. Start your project with the App Boilerplate, or copy the improvements to your existing project to benefit from all the improvements, and speed up your development and app submission process!

What’s new?
  • The generic code that was in the App Boilerplate was moved to the SDK, so the Boilerplate is more readable and the call to crypto functions is easier and safer
  • The App Builder Container, upgraded with the toolchain and the complete test framework (Speculos + Ragger), now works on all platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Visal Studio Code actions were added in the App Boilerplate to easily run the container, build an app, load it on a device and test it
  • A Ledger Guidelines enforcer was added in the the App Boilerplate CI to facilitate Security Reviews. It checks the makefile, the icons and makes a static analysis of the code.
  • The test framework (Speculos + Ragger) was improved, with examples of how to use it in the App Boilerplate
Why is it better?
  • Multi platform (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Allows you to build Apps for all devices (Ledger Nano S, S Plus, X and Ledger Stax)
  • Easily and quickly up to date with the latest security requirements
  • No need to perform actions in the Terminal (but it is still possible if there is a need to add specific packages)
  • Less back and forth between external teams and Ledger during functional reviews
What can you now do?

Get your hands on this new framework in less than five minutes. You can either:

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