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Ledger and FTX join forces to enable leverage and trading through Ledger Live

Through Ledger and FTX’s partnership, crypto traders no longer have to make the choice between convenience and security.

(Paris, France) December 9, 2021   Ledger, the maker of the world’s most popular hardware wallet and gateway to Web3, today announced its partnership with FTX, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange. As a result of this partnership, FTX’s liquidity, leverage and trading options will be accessible through Ledger’s secure self-custody application, Ledger Live. With this integration, Ledger Live users in 150 countries can trade across 300 digital asset pairs, combined with low fees and the knowledge that they are completely in control of their funds.  

For crypto investors, there has always been an ongoing dilemma surrounding where your assets are accessible and where they are safest. While it is a known fact that hardware wallets are by far the most secure option, many people trade their assets so frequently that moving them on and off their wallets is an extra step that they feel they don’t have time for. With this partnership, FTX and Ledger are solving this problem through quick access to trading while assets remain fully secured. 

“This is an important innovation in crypto trading,” said FTX Founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. “Investors are looking for increased security and self-custody solutions without sacrificing liquidity, leverage and trading options. The partnership between FTX and Ledger addresses this pain point for the marketplace, by providing quick access to trading while assets remain fully secure.”

“Ledger is the #1 choice for serious crypto investors.  More than 15% of all crypto assets are secured by the more than 4 million Ledger Nanos sold since 2014,” added Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier.  “In the past, they would need to move their assets to an exchange, trade, and move back again. Now serious traders and investors can do everything right from the security of their Ledger Nano.”

To enjoy the advanced features of FTX, we have made deposit to and withdrawal from the FTX platform with ease of use and speed at the forefront of our product experience. This gives access to over 300 trading pairs, including BTC-ETH, BTC-SOL . A full list is available here.

In the coming weeks, FTX and Ledger will share more information about how this partnership will manifest, with the goal of the world of crypto becoming more and more accessible to a wider audience. 

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