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Blog posts, Company | 07/03/2023

Ledger Expands Operations For Faster Shipping In U.S. & Canada

Since Ledger’s inception in 2014, our warehouse in Vierzon, France, has successfully dispatched over 6 million hardware wallets to more than 180 countries. With our continued global growth, we always strive to provide our customers with the most secure, fastest and efficient shipping methods.  

That’s why we’re pleased to announce our partnership with a Tennessee based world-class distribution and logistics company. This new collaboration allows us to ship our products right from the heart of North America, enabling a faster delivery for millions of customers while reducing the carbon footprint for each device shipment, as our new partner in Tennessee will now be distributing some of the inventory previously housed by our factories in Europe and Asia. 

While initially focused on the U.S. and Canada, we plan to extend the scope of this partnership to Central and South America. This expansion will strengthen our supply chain operations across the entire Americas region.

For Mondher Ben Hamida, VP of Supply Chain and Manufacturing at Ledger, “As the demand for hardware crypto security and self-custody soars, Ledger needs to turbo-charge its delivery capabilities, optimize its supply chain operations, and reduce its carbon footprint. By partnering with a world-class U.S. distributor, that’s precisely what we’re accomplishing.” 

Ledger Stax, once ready, will be manufactured and assembled in Vietnam, and then shipped to Ledger customers from our secure distribution facilities in Vierzon, France, and Tennessee.

This initiative is part of Ledger’s comprehensive supply chain strategy to expand our manufacturing capabilities and improve our logistics coverage and our device fulfillment performance across Asia, America, and Europe. Stay tuned for more announcements soon.

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