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Blog posts, Product | 03/16/2023

‘Ledger Extension’ Is Here: Explore Web3 With Trust & Ease of Use

The Ledger Extension is our new browser extension that allows you to connect your Ledger Nano X directly to DApps and explore Web3 with trust and ease of use. It is the first browser extension designed to work with your Ledger device from the outset.

The Ledger Extension enables you to: 

  • Connect your Ledger Nano X to Web3 apps and NFT marketplaces directly from your Safari browser.  
  • See which assets will leave and/or enter your wallet before you sign a transaction, thanks to the “Wallet Preview” feature.
  • Be automatically warned of security issues when you interact with suspicious apps thanks to the “Web3 Checks” feature. More checks will be added in the future to let you enjoy the safest Web3 experience. We also always advise you to do your own research before signing to authorize a transaction. 
  • Buy NFTs and manage your crypto, anytime, anywhere thanks to Bluetooth (mobile and desktop).
  • Switch from one chain to another easily. No need for a different wallet for each blockchain protocol. 

The Ledger Extension is already available with major platforms, including: OpenSea, Pancake, Swap, Curve, Zapper, Manifold and

All you need is to visit OpenSea on Safari, log in using the Ledger button, and you’re ready to transact with a full view of the impact on your wallet. You can also use your Ledger device with your Mac (or PC soon) via Bluetooth for the first time ever, with no cable required.

“The Ledger Extension is emblematic of where Ledger is focused in 2023 – to scale we simply must pair ease of use and peace of mind with uncompromising security. Only Ledger can provide that,” says Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger. “The Ledger Extension solves one of the biggest pain points of Web3 today: connectivity. It makes interacting with apps and platforms easier and faster than ever, while remaining secure. Too often our industry has sacrificed security or accessibility. Ledger fixes that. It’s a true milestone for Web3.”

Prior to this release, we conducted a private beta on TestFlight with 10k participants who provided us with important feedback to help enhance the Ledger Extension and perfect your Web3 experience. It was also worth noting that the Ledger Extension was previously called “Ledger Connect.”

The following articles explain how to use your Ledger Extension.

Rather than continue updating Ledger Extension as a standalone app, we’re integrating many of its features, such as Web3 check, into other parts of the Ledger ecosystem to streamline your experience and make it easier to securely manage your assets. You can still use the Ledger Extension app if you have it already downloaded, but it will no longer be available to download and we have no plans to further update the app.

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