Ledger Op3n Conference: Product Launches, Updates & Our Next Milestones

12/10/2021 | Blog posts

We just concluded our first, bi-annual Web3 Developer event – Ledger Op3n – right in the beating heart of Paris, where we brought together world-class industry players from all chains and tokens. You can find the Ledger Op3n agenda here – we will be sharing the videos for those who missed the event soon. The talks cemented Ledger’s place as an open platform for developers (check out our Ledger Developer Portal right here) and the user experience necessary to grow mass adoption within crypto and Web3. 

Today, people entering the Web3 space still face difficult flows, high security issues and complex user journeys. For tomorrow, we believe in two things: an industry where users can enjoy secure and smooth user flows and  greater user experiences with higher security standards. This is the bridge we must achieve to help get us there. 

Op3n was a landmark event for Ledger where key product announcements were made and the future of Web3 was debated and discussed. 
Ledger is here to build great things, and to announce great things. Below is our list of key releases:

We believe in a future that is decentralized, digitally secure, focused on self-custody and open to developers. To this end, we intend on building the world’s most secure and user-friendly platform for crypto and Web3. 

Make sure to check out our Developer portal and build on our Ledger platform to bring more users into our world of crypto. It’s only the beginning.