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Thought leadership | 12/14/2022

Ledger Stax: Bringing Digital Security To Mainstream Users

By Charles Guillemet, CTO at Ledger

The Ledger Nano™ devices are the most successful security hardware products ever built, now securing 20% of cryptocurrencies and 30% of NFTs. 

That’s a breakthrough, but it’s just the beginning. 

High-profile hacks on struggling platforms keep climaxing, making our mission of bringing digital security to everyone more critical than ever. That’s what our revolutionary Web3 device, Ledger Stax™, stands for.

Securing Your Smartphones & Laptops? A Lost Battle

In 2007, the appearance of smartphones marked an important date in the history of hacks. Overnight, millions of insecure devices landed in the hands of millions of users, ushering in a golden era for hackers willing to steal your digital assets and personal data. 

Why are your smartphones and laptops unsafe? Let’s clarify this crucial point. 

With blockchain technologies, your value is safe on the blockchain. So, where is the security threat? While blockchains are secure, your endpoints are not. Smartphones and laptops are constantly connected to the Internet and hence intrinsically vulnerable to hacks. These devices were built for performance and ease of use, not for security. They don’t stand a chance of safeguarding your Web3 value. 

With these devices as the main entry point to Web3, users seeing their digital assets stolen have skyrocketed in 2022. The lesson is clear: don’t manage your Web3 value with Web2 hardware. 

Don’t understand why your devices are unsafe yet? Then look at the Pegasus software, a clever tool that spies on millions of smartphones globally. It seamlessly gains full access to your smartphone; it can dump your data, leverage your website access, record your calls, switch your microphone, camera, etc. It can not only spy on you but also take everything from you, showing the absolute vulnerability of your devices. 

Ledger Stax: Making Web3 Security Mainstream

At Ledger, we’re building the world’s most secure devices. Our Donjon Team is an ‘attack lab’ made up of world-class experts constantly looking for vulnerabilities. Security is not an option. It’s a digital right. 

Ledger Stax makes your Web3 experience infinitely more intuitive without compromising security.

Why is Ledger Stax secure? For the same reason that our iconic Ledger Nano devices have safeguarded 20% of global digital assets: because it signs transactions on its own. The cryptographic materials never leave the secure element inside the device, and they are never sent to the smartphone-located software app with which they communicate, preventing hackers from infiltrating it. Ledger Nano devices are built around smartcards, the technology used in your passports and banking cards. The main difference is they don’t protect banks and government’s secrets, but yours. 

Ledger Stax features a vast and beautiful E Ink®* screen on the device where you are always sure that what you see is what you sign. This stands in sharp contrast to your laptop or mobile screens, where malware can constantly access your secrets (seeds or private keys) or even modify addresses or amounts when you perform a transaction. 

With Ledger Stax, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You are always sure that ‘what you see is what you sign.’ Your private keys are yours, and you manage your digital belongings safely, with complete ownership. With its significantly bigger curved screen, Ledger Stax gives you more space to see what it is you’re securely clear-signing, whether it’s a simple value transfer or a more complex contract interaction.

The Next Step For Web3

Web3 will reshape money, our economies, societies, and daily lives. It will bring a massive wave of tokenization that will pervade cyberspace and change entire industries.

Only secure consumer devices in the hands of mainstream users will democratize this revolution of value. That’s what Ledger will continue to enable, providing the world’s safest and most intuitive devices ever built to onboard this new chapter of the Internet. 

* E Ink is a registered trademark of E Ink Corporation.

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