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Secure your KMD assets

Secure your Komodo assets with the most trusted hardware wallet. Cold storage wallets are typically encrypted devices that store users' Komodo assets offline, providing a layer of security against the evolving threats emerging from being connected to the Internet.




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How to manage Komodo with Ledger devices

Secure your Komodo (KMD)

Secure multiple assets, including Komodo using a Ledger Hardware Wallet.
Your private keys, giving access to your assets, remain safe in a certified secure chip.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S

Protect your Komodo assets with the first and only
independently-certified Komodo wallet on the market.

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Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is a Bluetooth® enabled secure and
CES award winning device that protect your Komodo assets

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How to manage your Komodo (KMD)

Ledger Live

Directly manage your Komodo with Ledger Live, our own desktop and mobile application. Check your balance in real-time, send and receive your Komodo and 5,500+ other assets directly from Ledger Live.

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What is Komodo (KMD)

Komodo is a multi-chain blockchain platform, which has roots as an early pioneer in the interoperability of blockchain networks. Komodo’s flagship feature is its Antara Smart Chain Composer, which is a web application for customizing and deploying application-specific smart contracts on the network.

Komodo caters primarily to enterprises and businesses seeking to leverage the power of smart contracts, and functions as an open platform with several white label products available to users such as a DEX, crowdfunding app, and multi-coin wallet.


Komodo (KMD) features

Komodo’s development began in 2014 when it was built atop a blend of the technology underlying Bitcoin and Ethereum, and is actually a fork of the ZCash codebase. The multi-chain architecture of Komodo enables independent blockchains to plug into the network with their own consensus rules, coins, hashing algorithms, and more.

The infrastructure is entirely open and permissionless, so independent chains do not explicitly rely on the primary Komodo chain.

Antara Smart Chains are the cardinal feature and draw of the network, empowering businesses to roll out smart contract-oriented applications in minutes, derived from a set of modules, open APIs, and a complete library. Using Antara, developers can construct purpose-built “smart chains” crafted to support a specific application, game, or software program.

Smart chains are fully customizable, autonomous, and are complemented by a set of Turing-complete modules code modules that range from oracles to stablecoins and price feeds.

Importantly, Komodo’s Antara is agnostic to programming languages, meaning that developers can create applications using its modules in any language -- a significant point of friction for many other smart contracts networks with a proprietary smart contract language.

The KMD token can be used in everything from transaction fees to DEX swaps to smart chain conversions of native pre-mined tokens. The Komodo ICO sold 90 million KMD tokens, with an additional 10 million allocated to development. A capped total of 200 million KMD tokens will be reached following an annual rewards schedule issued to existing token holders.

Komodo is also an AWS Cloud Infrastructure Partner.

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