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Ledger’s Clear Signing Initiative: Paving the Way ...

Key Takeaways:— Blind signing poses a significant obstacle to the security and growth of the digital asset ecosystem. Scammers have exploited this vulnerability, siphoning billions of dollars from unsuspe...

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Company | 07/08/2024

Donjon | 05/17/2024

Cargo-checkct: our home-made tool guarding against timing attacks...

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Donjon | 04/25/2023

Funds of Every Wallet Created With The Trust Wallet Browser Exten...

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Donjon | 02/15/2023

Firmware Extraction: Evil-Maid Attacks on Blockstream Jade Hardwa...

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Donjon | 01/24/2023

App Streaming: a New Development Paradigm for Environments with C...

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Donjon | 08/10/2022

Integrating fault injection in development workflows...

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