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Blog posts, Company | 06/22/2022

Ledger to Unveil Broad Slate of Groundbreaking Web3 Security Products, Including New NFT First-Sale Marketplace, at Ledger Op3n Conference during NFT.NYC

Six months have passed since our first Ledger Op3n event in Paris. Since that day, we have made important announcements to make your Web3 experience more secure and user-friendly, including the launch of the Ledger Nano S Plus, the upcoming CL Card powered by Ledger and operated by Baanx*, the Developer Portal, Ledger Connect, Cardano support in Ledger Live and much more. 

With some crypto platforms currently freezing withdrawals due to harsh market conditions, self-custody is more important than ever. Thanks to your Ledger, your money is truly secure and yours to control. If it’s your money, you should own it. It’s as simple as that. In the near future, self-custodying your assets will be as natural as having a bank account today. 

Ledger’s announcements unveiled today include Ledger Market, a multi-chain first-sale distribution platform; Ledger Connect, a browser extension that securely connects Ledger hardware wallets directly to Web3 sites and apps; Ledger Quest, a Web3 play-to-learn education platform; Ledger Academy Redesign, a refresh to the successful and comprehensive, immersive education platform that brings Web3 education to the masses; Ledger Enterprise Create, our security-at-scale platform for brands to scale their Web3 operations; and Freedom by Design, led by Ledger CTO Charles Guillemet, which reinforces Ledger’s commitment as a leader on privacy technology for the blockchain.

You can access the full playlist from Op3n, including keynotes, panels and announcements videos, here.

These announcements come amid growing concern for the security of cryptocurrency and digital assets as 3 Billion Dollars were stolen in 2021 by hackers and scammers, with increased scrutiny of Web3 presenting challenges for most crypto platforms and exchanges. Ledger secures 45 out of 100 top of the top transactions on OpenSea, 40% of Bored Apes and top NFT communities, and billions in assets through its Enterprise business. Now available in over 9 languages and shipping worldwide, Ledger’s mission is more important today than ever, giving users and creatives the most secure tools across Web3 in an environment where users increasingly face challenges using Web2 technology to protect Web3 value. 

“We couldn’t be more proud that Ledger now secures over 20 percent of the world’s crypto, with over 5 million devices sold and omni-chain offerings that provide end-to-end security at scale through all of Web3. While the world is focused on the bear market and who will survive, we are building and preparing for the next wave of crypto adoption. We believe in the revolution of value, and encourage you to join us in this undeniable future,” said Ledger CEO and Chairman Pascal Gauthier.

During our latest Op3n event in NYC, we made important announcements ranging from Web3 Education to NFTs and, of course, hardware, with the intention of bringing ownership and security at the heart of your crypto life:

  • As desire for secure marketplaces reaches an all-time high, Ledger will launch Ledger Market, a world’s first secure platform for curated NFT drops from influential and cultural leading brands and artists; launch partners announced today include Brick / Babylon, Tag Heuer of LVMH, and leading NFT projects DeadFellaz and RTFKT, among others. Coming this summer, with an initial drop of its Genesis Pass NFT, the first NFT to be dropped this Summer 2022 on the Ledger Market. The Genesis Pass NFT will allow you to redeem a limited edition of a Ledger and have early access for future drops. Ledger Market will offer clear-signing for NFT transactions to improve transparency and accountability, helping ensure that what users see is what they sign. Join the allowlist at:

For Sebastien Badault, VP Metaverse & Web3 at Ledger, “Ledger Market’s value proposition is three-fold. First, it is built on Ledger’s world class security standards. NFTs are fantastic and trigger emotional attachment, losing them because of scammers simply shouldn’t happen. Full stop. Second, Ledger Market is built to be inclusive. It will be accessible to creators, brands, and newbies. Third, Ledger Market is a turnkey solution enabling true ownership and control over NFTs, from minting to storing, for all industry players.”

“BRICK is hyped to partner with Ledger Marketplace for our first release. When it comes to style, taste & curation Ledger has proven to be a cut above the rest while navigating through the Web3 space. Ledger’s ethos align with BRICK from a cultural standpoint when it comes to building community driven spaces that provide tools & knowledge to the youth. With that being said we can’t wait to see what the future brings on with this new partnership,” said BRICK, Ledger Market launch partner.

  • Ledger Enterprise Create, launched by Ledger Enterprise and now live, is our security-at-scale platform for brands to scale their Web3 operations with a key focus on NFTs, giving them the treasury management, NFT creation and ownership capabilities they need.
  • Launching in September 2022, Ledger Quest is our new Web3 “play-to-learn” education platform. Ledger Quest aims at empowering communities to safely navigate this space. With Ledger Quest, you can test your crypto knowledge and get rewarded with NFTs. We also announced the Ledger Academy redesign, a refresh to the successful and comprehensive, immersive education platform that brings Web3 education to the masses.
  • With the recent release of the Ledger Nano S Plus, we’ve seen high demand for our latest hardware product. We believe it’s important to the growth of the whole space to offer the very best security on the planet available for less than $100. The Nano S Plus replaced the best-selling device in the history of crypto, the Ledger Nano S.  The Nano S is an amazing device which still works great today for HODLing. What other consumer electronics device from 2016 are you still using in your daily life?!?!  Still, it was time for an upgrade, and the Nano S Plus with it’s bigger screen, more memory, and advanced developer features has taken Nano S’s place. Therefore we have decided to retire our iconic Ledger Nano S and replace it with the Ledger Nano S Plus. This “Nano S on steroids” is more suited to the fast evolution of the Web3 industry and remains in the same price range. If you are a Ledger Nano S owner, it won’t change anything to your daily experience. Support will continue to be provided and device maintenance will be guaranteed. To commemorate the end of the production, the last 10K units to be produced, the Ledger Nano S Final Edition, will come with an exclusive POAP NFT created by the rising “what is real?” artist. Orders will begin on June 27th, 2022.
  • Ledger Connect is our upcoming browser extension that securely connects Ledger hardware wallets directly to Web3 apps without third-parties wallet dependencies. We greatly value your opinion. You can already sign up for the Beta test now by clicking here

These announcements share a common goal: to securely power the next phase of the Web3 Revolution and enable a future where anyone can interact with Web3 assets with full self-sovereignty. 

This future is possible, but it needs secure, user-friendly platforms to thrive, as well as innovative educational tools to bring this digital shift to the next billion users. We see ourselves as key enablers in this regard. 

Stay tuned for many more upcoming news.

*The CL Card and its features are provided by Baanx Group Ltd (in the UK) Baanx US Corp (in the United States) and Frozen Time UNIPESSOAL LDA (in the EU). .

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