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Blog posts, Product | 02/02/2023

Stake Your MultiversX (EGLD) Through Ledger Live & Earn Rewards

Things to know:

– You can now stake EGLD with Ledger by Figment and earn rewards while your private keys remain safe in your Ledger wallet.

– In addition, Ledger Live now supports 3 MultiversX tokens—USDC, Holoride (RIDE) and Maiar DEX (MEX). 

– We will continue to scale your Ledger Live app possibilities, stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

In December 2021,  we announced Ledger Live support for Elrond (EGLD)—now known as MultiversX—which allowed you to securely send and receive your EGLD tokens.

Now we’re taking this partnership to the next level. Starting today, you can easily and securely stake EGLD through Ledger Live and grow your assets on autopilot. In addition to staking, Ledger Live now supports 3 MultiversX tokens: Tether (USDT), Holoride (RIDE) and Maiar DEX (MEX).

Stake with confidence, ease and security

Staking is an easy way to put your assets to work and earn rewards. However, it’s often seen as confusing and complicated. Ledger Live does the heavy lifting for you and lets you securely and easily stake ELGD.

Staking with the Ledger by Figment validator has many benefits:

  • Start earning automatically. Once you click Stake, you’ll start to earn rewards automatically.
  • All in one place. View, manage and withdraw your rewards in one place. Ledger by Figment is your complete, all-in-one staking solution. 
  • Your keys, your coins. When delegating ELGD with the Ledger by Figment node, your private keys never leave your wallet and you keep ownership at all times. 
  • Low commission fee.  Staking ELGD with Ledger by Figment comes with a low commission fee.

Read the Ledger Academy to learn more about Elrond.

Getting started is easy

  1. Go to your EGLD account page in Ledger Live.
  2. Click Earn
  3. Enter the amount of EGLD to delegate. The minimum amount to stake is 1 EGLD.
  4. Select Ledger by Figment as a validator. 
  5. Check and confirm the delegation on your Ledger wallet.

It’s that simple! For step-by-step instructions on how to stake ELGD through Ledger Live, visit our Help Center

Take the staking leap with Ledger

With Ledger, staking is not only secure, but also easy. Even if you’re not an expert crypto trader you can still reap the staking benefits. We’ll continue to scale the Ledger Live portfolio, so don’t forget to check our blog for new updates and announcements. 

Our platform is open-source and everyone is welcome to build and integrate. Our Developer Portal will guide you through every step of the journey. 

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