Ledger x Tezos

Enter the contest and win exclusive prizes

Tezos is now supported on Ledger Live!

Celebrate with us by joining our contest and win up to 1,000 XTZ, equivalent to US$1,400.
To participate, fill out this form and be one of the 100 lucky winners.

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Be one of the 100 winners

and win one of the exclusive prizes that Ledger and Tezos Foundation have specially
customized for you.


1,000 XTZ + 1 Ledger Nano X

2nd place

500 XTZ + 1 Ledger Nano X

3rd place

100 XTZ + 1 Ledger Nano X

4th place

1 Ledger Bag + 1 Ledger Nano X

5th place

1 Ledger Nano X

6th to 100th place

1 Ledger Nano S