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BRC-720 Meaning

Jun 17, 2024 | Updated Jun 17, 2024
BRC-720 is an AI-driven protocol for creating 3D NFTs.

What Is BRC-720?

You’ve probably come across BRC (Bitcoin Request for Comment)–20, the experimental standard for creating fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. But what is BRC-720?

BRC-720 is a novel AI-empowered asset standard in the Bitcoin ecosystem that can generate three-dimensional (3D) non-fungible tokens (NFTs). BitWorld created BRC720 to bring artificial intelligence (AI) features to the blockchain, allowing users to create characters and inscribe on-chain game components on the Bitcoin blockchain.

BRC-720 Features

Some of the key features of the AI-empowered protocol includes:

  • Text-to-Image generation – The protocol allows users to convert textual descriptions into images using advanced neural network architectures. 
  • Image-to-3D generation – It facilitates image-to-3D generation, enabling users to transform two-dimensional (2D) images into immersive, 3D representations. The protocol typically extracts spatial information from the 2D images and uses the information to rebuild them into 3D models.
  • Text-to-3D transformation – The BRC-720 AI protocol can also directly convert textinputs into 3D models. It uses advanced tools and techniques in natural language processing (NLP) and 3D modeling to interpret textual descriptions, extract spatial information, and transform it into a 3D representation.

Why is the BRC-720 AI protocol important?

Bringing AI features, such as text-to-image, text-to-3D, and image-to-3D generation, to blockchain offers developers, artists, and Bitcoin users an environment to explore the potential of on-chain games. 

For instance, combining AI and NFT assets on-chain facilitates user-led asset issuance. This allows users to decide how their NFTs are generated, such as 3D models in blockchain games. Therefore, the protocol binds the original NFT’s collection information with new 3D assets.

The protocol also brings a wide array of use cases, such as the integration of 3D assets with Web3 games, social agents, avatars, AI agents, and metaverse. This use case innovation facilitates autonomous social interactions and digital asset trading.

Moreover, BRC-720 embodies technical innovation, enabling the transformation of text and 2D images into 3D models while minimizing 3D storage.

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