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Rare Sats Meaning

Feb 9, 2024 | Updated Feb 9, 2024
Rare sats is the smallest denomination of Bitcoin considered unique and more scarce than its peers.

What Is a Rare Sat?

The concept of Ordinal Theory facilitated the inscription, engraving, or writing of additional data, such as text, image, or audio, on pieces of Bitcoin known as satoshis. A satoshi or sat defines the smallest possible unit of Bitcoin, typically equivalent to a hundredth million of one Bitcoin (1 sat = 0.00000001 BTC). However, some inscribed satoshis are rarer than others, creating a secondary market and rate card for rare satoshis (sats).

Rare sats are a set of satoshis with special features that make them unique and more scarce than the average satoshis. Ambiguously, the term also defines a category of the first satoshis created after every difficulty adjustment period, which happens every 2016 blocks.

Rare satoshis are defined based on a series of period events, such as block mining, difficulty adjustment, Bitcoin halving, and cycle periods. For instance, the first satoshi created when a new block is mined is considered a rare satoshi.

What Are the Different Categories of Rare Satoshis?

The rarity of satoshis can be categorized based on their special attributes. According to the Rodarmor Rarity Index, they can be categorized into:

  • Common: All satoshis that are not the first to be created from their block. Common sats have a maximum supply of 21 trillion. 
  • Uncommon: The first satoshi to be created from their block. Uncommon sats have a maximum supply of 6,929,999.
  • Rare: The first satoshis to be created from a new block immediately after a difficulty adjustment period. Their total supply is 3,437.
  • Epic: Epic sats define the first satoshis created after a Bitcoin halving event, which occurs every four years.
  • Legendary: The first satoshis mined after every six halving events, which is expected to occur every 24 years.
  • Mythic: Mythic sat is the first satoshi mined from the Genesis block, the first ever block recorded on Bitcoin. This means that there is only one mythic sat.

Other rare satoshis excluded from the Rodarmor Rarity Index – known as exotic sats– but hold significant value include Nakamoto, vintage, first transaction, block 9, block 78, palindrome, pizza, and black sats.

How to find rare satoshis

Individuals determined to find and claim rare satoshis are known as Satoshi hunters. Satoshi hunters can find these digital artifacts by directly searching the Satoshi ID/number or Bitcoin address on platforms like Magisat,,, and the ordinals official website.


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