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To The Moon Meaning

Oct 4, 2023 | Updated Oct 4, 2023
“To the moon” is slang in the crypto community that refers to a belief that a specific cryptocurrency’s value will soon increase significantly.

What Does ‘To The Moon’ Mean in Cryptocurrency?

If you have your ear on crypto markets you may have come across the phrase “Going to the moon”. It is usually accompanied by the moon and rocket ship emojis. The catchphrase that alludes to a cryptocurrency experiencing a “sky-high valuation” or “soaring prices”. The phrase describes a belief that the value of a cryptocurrency will experience (or is experiencing) a rapid upward trajectory, metaphorically towards the moon. 

The expression is often used among bullish investors in an attempt to convince others to invest. In such instances, investors use it to indicate that “it’s a good time to invest” since the coin will soon “go to the moon”.

Where Did Mooning Come From?

Though more popular in crypto, the term itself isn’t unique to the crypto space. Like most crypto jargon, it’s difficult to pinpoint the origin of the phrase. There’s a possibility that the phrase gained traction around 2017 when Bitcoin exceeded $20,000 in value for the first time.

Derivations of this phrase include “mooning” and “wen moon?” The latter is used as a question as to when a cryptocurrency is likely to appreciate in value.

Mooning, a verb, defines the action of a coin appreciating in value. For instance, “I’m over the moon now that my favorite token is mooning.”

However, it is also important to note that the phrase is also used to shill a cryptocurrency, where malicious investors hype a coin to sway the market in favor of their crypto assets.


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