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Weak Hands Meaning

Aug 7, 2023 | Updated Aug 7, 2023
“Weak hands” is a negative term used to describe a trader with a low-risk tolerance or low confidence in a volatile asset that they’ve invested in.

What is a Weak Hands Trader?

In the context of cryptocurrency, “weak hands” or “paper hands” traders are traders likely to panic sell their assets at the slightest sign of a decline in value. In general, weak hand traders are thought to be driven by emotions instead of logic, which prevents them from making good investment decisions. Thus, they buy and sell assets compulsively. It is the opposite of “diamond hands”, which refers to a trader with the maximum conviction to hold their crypto asset that sticks to their trading plan, regardless of the market direction.

Weak hands traders often have predictive trading patterns and strategies, which market makers and experienced traders can exploit. For instance, since weak hands are driven by FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), experienced and seasoned traders use it to capitalize on market sentiment.

In other words, weak hands will buy crypto based on a temporary price increase and sell their asset at the first sign of a price decline or bearish behavior. They have little belief in the long-term growth of the assets they have invested. It’s important to note that the term has a different meaning in the futures market. Here, it refers to an individual that only trades futures contracts with no interest in the underlying crypto asset. When referred to in the futures market, it refers to a trader is more of a price speculator than an investor.

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