EP - 29

Elrond, the Internet-scale blockchain w/ Beniamin Mincu


Beniamin Mincu
Cofounder & CEO of Elrond

Feb 22, 2022

On this episode of On The Ledger, we talk with a man on a mission : “to onboard the next billion people onto crypto”. His name? Beniamin Mincu. His job? Cofounder and CEO of Elrond. He started with a team “which could literally build rockets”, and worked on creating an “Internet-scale blockchain.”
Along with Fabrice Dautriat, Head of Platform at Ledger, we discuss how to overcome crypto main UX-problems, how to solve frictions related to transaction speed and gas fees, and of course, why it was so important for Ledger users to be able to manage EGLD (Elrond’s token) on their Ledger Live app.
Hosted by our Head of Communities & Education Mo El-Sayed, this is On the Ledger, the “how to get ready for web3 prime time” episode.

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