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EP - 30

How to build a brand in Web3? w/ J. Howard & A. Wengroff


Joy Howard
Founder of @earlymajority

Mar 01, 2022

Historically, brands and media companies have always been shapers and amplifiers of culture. And with every innovation that came about, the cultural landscape and its main acts were bound to change. From the TV to the internet, social media and now Web3 and digital assets, every innovation brings in new possibilities, opens the door for new players and eliminates the slow movers.

Web3 is only getting started, but we’ve already seen a glimpse of how it’ll impact brands, media and culture in general. So what exactly has changed? How are brands going to be any different? And what do they currently need to set themselves up for success?

To discuss this, we are thrilled to receive Joy Howard, former exec’ at Converse, Patagonia and more, who has now started her own business, Early Majority (be sure to check their newsletter). We’re joined by Ariel Wengroff, Ledger’s VP of Comms. This is On The Ledger, the “how to be a brand in this world” episode.

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